The Ohio health insurance exchange at is finally up and running. Let the death panels begin!

This is really just a public service announcement. I’ll put a little review of the site, which remains deeply flawed. While I’m going to be critical of it, the bottom line is that I can get the best insurance I’ve ever had for $64 a month.

Plan comparisons are very easy and very informative, though I haven’t found any network information. Insofar as these are mainly HMOs, that’s important.

I highly recommend looking at the plans without applying for subsidies. The application took me about an hour (because the website has a lot of kinks that need to be ironed out). On top of that, the PDF with eligibility information is blank (whee!) so it’s not like you’ll know if your subsidy is calculated correctly.

First, the subnavs don’t work. They’re just off to the left, taunting you. “I know your browser crashed, but you can’t skip to the end of this application! I’m not actually a subnav!”

Second, it takes about 10 seconds to load each page. There are way too many moving parts, especially because they don’t actually do anything.

The application really, really needs to happen after you look at plans.

Also, I have my doubts about the prices. It lists a Silver plan as $126 a month for my household, while the Bronze starts at $148. That’s not right…

Or rather, if that’s right, then everybody is going to enroll in that Humana plan.

In summary, there are a lot of wrinkles yet to be worked out. But the site is good overall, and the savings are real (and gigantic).