From the daily archives: Friday, October 11, 2013

The Tea Party is said to be so  pleased with John Boehner’s macho stand-your-ground defiance of President Obama on the Affordable Care Act that it has volunteered the speaker to  pose topless for Playgirl magazine’s centerfold. “We think it has some potential to win back  the younger women voters to our party,” the speaker’s press agent told the New York Times.  “If it works we might show even more skin the next time.”

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The Ohio health insurance exchange at is finally up and running. Let the death panels begin!

This is really just a public service announcement. I’ll put a little review of the site, which remains deeply flawed. While I’m going to be critical of it, the bottom line is that I can get the best insurance I’ve ever had for $64 a month.

Plan comparisons are very easy and very informative, though I haven’t found any network information. Insofar as these are mainly HMOs, that’s important.

I highly recommend looking at the plans without applying for subsidies. The application […]

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Josh Mandel is toast in next year’s race for Ohio treasurer.

His poorly run campaign for US Senate last year almost guaranteed that outcome, but recent revelations about Mandel’s shady campaign fundraising will definitely put the nail in his political coffin.

The fundraising problems center about Ben Suarez and the $100K he and his complicit employees illegally donated to Mandel.  Suarez was recently indicted for the illegal campaign donations, which Mandel’s senate campaign took 10 months to return, and his treasurer campaign took nearly two years to refund.

Based on some excellent reporting by the Plain Dealer, Dispatch […]

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