Republicans have been trying to pass a bill that bans human-animal hybrids in Ohio for nearly a decade now.  They started in 2005, followed up again in 2010 and Kris Jordan introduced another bill just last year.

None of the bills have made it through the legislature.

This year it’s Andy Thompson’s turn.   State Rep Thompson, a Marietta bird magazine publisher and Tea Party darling, sent a letter to fellow legislators asking them to co-sponsor a bill that will “prohibit human cloning and the creation of animal-human hybrids.”

The bill is “priority legislation for the Ohio Right to Life Society” according to Thompson’s letter.  Those convicted under the bill could face a five year prison term and fines starting at one million dollars.

As far as we know, no centaurs or mermen have been created in Ohio over the decade that Ohio Right to Life has been trying to get this bill passed.   Buy hey, you never know…