From the daily archives: Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Enquirer has written a near-masterpiece1 of “unbiased journalism that only quotes Republicans”. Deirdre Shesgreen’s message: the shutdown is awesome and popular, and it’s impossible to say how it happened.

And I’m not joking; it sources 3 GOP congressmen, Sen. Portman, and a Tea Party voter.

Says Rep. Wenstrup, “Predominantly, they like what we’re doing.”

Rep. Chabot’s spokesman claims that calls are 60-40 in favor of keeping the government shut down. Obviously he’s telling the truth; he used numbers!

Sen. Portman–who filibustered the deal to keep the government open–is a moderate. He thinks we should let Obamacare move forward, […]

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Rumors arrived from Capitol Hill about John Boehner’s latest offer to the President in which he agreed to break the impasse on the shutdown if Obama and Harry Reid agree to give up 3 senate seats and tack on a new set of golf clubs and a case of merlot for the speaker.

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