From the daily archives: Thursday, October 3, 2013

State Rep. John Becker’s plan to force uninsured Ohioans and pregnant women1 to get health care from volunteers, students, and interns would cost the state more money than expanding Medicaid.

I’d say that he’s cutting off his nose to spite his face, but that’s not right. He’s causing needless suffering for a quarter of Ohioans, to spite their faces.

It’s idiotic and cruel, but it is a useful thought experiment into how 1/3 of our medical spending is wasteful.

Here’s the plan:

1. Reject the Medicaid funding.

2. In each city, set up one hospital that:

Can’t take insurance, […]

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National Geographic’s October Photo Issue features a fascinating collection of pictures from around the world.  Not the least  of which is  its sobering splash of glacial meltdowns from global warming.  Photographer James Balog firmly concludes that “climate change is real” –  an easily demonstrated fact.

As the caption under one photo tells us: “Iceberg-choked Prince William Sound reveals that the retreat of the Columbia Glacier is accelerating.  It’s lost two  more miles of ice in six years.  And since 1980 it has diminished vertically an amount equal to the height of  New York’s  Empire State Building.”

A lead-in to the Meltdown […]

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