From the daily archives: Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Ohio Department of Health released their annual report on induced abortions for 2012, the first year with enacted War on Women provisions1.

The abortion rate increased 3.8%, the second-highest increase on record.

This gives the lie to Ohio Right to Life’s disingenuous theory that waging the War on Women has resulted in more women realizing that they’re capable of raising another child.

Abortion levels in Ohio are the lowest in modern history, and when lawmakers pass “common-sense, pro-life approaches, good things happen,” Gonidakis said.

In reality, it looks like 2011 was a statistical outlier. Ignoring that year2, […]

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Republican State Rep John Becker has a solution to Ohio’s healthcare woes and it goes something like this:

1.  Pick one hospital in every urban area to be “designated for indigent care”

2.  Staff the hospital with low-paid “interns, volunteers, students and trainees”

3.  Give all of the hospital workers “immunity from malpractice litigation”

4.  Force all poor people to “be transferred to their designated” indigent hospital 

Boom!  Done and Done.  Poor people get substandard care and “suburban hospitals are freed of the burden of providing indigent care and then cost shifting to the rest of us.”   Health care… solved.


Sadly, […]

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That was some display of hubris that Gov. Kasich exhibited   in Fairlawn Tuesday evening for the annual Summit County Republican Finance Committee dinner.  His agents, in league with county chairman Alex Arshinkoff, banned all media from attending the $300 a plate  dinner in the Fairlawn Hilton that drew 450 guests and the usual coterie of supplicants.   (I say “In league” because  Arshinkoff is the $10,000 a month lobbyist for the University of Akron to gain access to Kasich and state lawmakers for campus  goodies.)

Coincidentally the event was held on the first day of the government shutdown and one can only […]

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Ohio Women Can Thank GOP Men For Modern-Day Feminist Movement
by Sandy Theis

The women of Ohio can thank the men in charge of Ohio for re-invigorating the women’s movement.

It’s been long overdue but the guys have simply gone too far. They have promoted laws and policies that hurt women by limiting their access to quality health care, forcing doctors to give women patients inaccurate information and continuing the futile, 40-year crusade to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Voters will make their displeasure known today during the We Won’t Go Back rally at the Ohio Statehouse. It starts at […]

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