Kasich Spokesman Rob Nichols is well known for giving obnoxious quotes to reporters, like the time he accused State Rep. Debbie Phillips of wanting everyone in Ohio to live “on a collective farm cooking organic quinoa over a dung fire” when she questioned the Governor’s involvement in removing an Ohio EPA employee who tried to protect Ohio’s waterways from excessive polluting by the coal industry.

It turns out Nichols is just as obnoxious in his private communications.

According to The Examiner’s John Michael Spinelli, Nichols sent him a late night email threatening to take away his access to the Governor if Spinelli didn’t remove a pin from his Pinterest page.

Here’s the email:

“Nichols, Robert
12:28 AM (15 hours ago)
to John


if you were drunk and popped off, I can respect that, and you can apologize to me to fix this. but if you want to stand by this, you will never talk to the governor again.

Rob Nichols, Press Secretary, Office of Governor John Kasich


Here’s the pin that put Spinelli in the doghouse:

Funny. Ohio’s governor said the state shouldn’t take the Medicaid expansion deal because the feds couldn’t be trusted to pay their promised share into the future. Making seniors pay more property tax because the state decided to stop paying its share to fund tax cuts for people who don’t need them is called transitioning to job creation. Really?

As of this writing, no Ohio reporters seems to have picked up this story.

I wonder why.

Check out Spinelli’s piece on the incident here which includes his long, unanswered response to Nichol’s threat.