From the daily archives: Monday, September 30, 2013

On Saturday The Columbus Dispatch published part of an interview with Gary Mohr related to the two recent, high-profile suicides in Ohio’s prisons, including the death of Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro on September 3rd.   Mohr, John Kasich’s prisons director,  told the paper that he did not think all suicides could be prevented in Ohio’s prisons and that overcrowding and understaffing likely had nothing to do with the recent suicides.

“Would more staff have prevented it?”, Mohr asked rhetorically. “I don’t believe that’s the cause for the loss of life.”

While it’s still unclear what, if anything specific, is to […]

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Tomorrow is the first day of open enrollment in Ohio’s health insurance exchange at Even if the government shuts down tonight, Obamacare will still be fully funded (it’s a law, it’s not part of the discretionary budget) and the exchanges will be fully functional.

Well, largely functional. Here’s what to do, and then what to watch out for.

What To Do

Like I said, just go to and provide the required information. It’s basically address/income/age type of stuff. You won’t have to give a health history.

You’ll get a list of health care plans that […]

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Kasich Spokesman Rob Nichols is well known for giving obnoxious quotes to reporters, like the time he accused State Rep. Debbie Phillips of wanting everyone in Ohio to live “on a collective farm cooking organic quinoa over a dung fire” when she questioned the Governor’s involvement in removing an Ohio EPA employee who tried to protect Ohio’s waterways from excessive polluting by the coal industry.

It turns out Nichols is just as obnoxious in his private communications.

According to The Examiner’s John Michael Spinelli, Nichols sent him a late night email threatening to take away his access to the […]

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A yet-to-be-published poll by an anonymous survey firm reports that a majority of desperate Americans wants the United States to secede from Texas. Although it will prevent the Dallas Cowboys from ever again being called “America’s Team”, people now feel secession would be the only way to stop Ted Cruz from seeking the presidency – a welcome trade-off that is driving the secessionist mood.

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