We reported back in May that the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board (CSRAB), under pressure from the Kasich Administration, was planning to implement tighter security at the Ohio Statehouse – including screens of almost every very visitor with security wands prior to entering the building.

The security wand initiative was presented as a compromise to an earlier proposal by Kasich to install metal detectors at every statehouse entrance.   Kasich’s proposal came shortly after he tried to lock large crowds of protesters out of the Ohio Statehouse during an anti-Senate Bill 5 rally.

Under the new rules all visitors to the Ohio Statehouse, including teachers, firefighters and even police officers, like those who protested Senate Bill 5, will now be forced to go through security screening prior to entering the building.

Lobbyists will not.

According to an email sent to Ohio’s lobbyists today, CSRAB will immediately begin issuing identification cards to “those individuals who are currently registered with JLEC as lobbyists in good standing.”

“This credential,” reads the email “will identify the individual as a registered Ohio Lobbyist and will allow access to the building during business hours through the north parking garage employee entrance.”


Artist rendition of new security lines at the Ohio Statehouse