During Ohio House sessions from June 25, 2013 to June 27, 2013, Republicans added ultrasound requirements and other anti-choice amendments to the state budget bill, and then proceeded to pass the bill without holding any hearings on the provisions.  Recordings of all of these house sessions were made by a team from Ohio Government Telecommunications (OGT) and are available online.

This past Wednesday, Ohio Democrats responded by holding a discussion with legal experts, doctors and women’s health advocates to discuss the budget provisions.   Sponsors, including State Rep. Kathleen Clyde, had scheduled OGT to record the event but, at the last minute, they were told House Republicans had pulled the plug.   “Once again, House Republicans refuse to focus on critical issues pertaining to Ohio’s women,” said Clyde in response.  “They have attempted to block public access to meaningful discourse surrounding women’s health issues.”

The event was held in Statehouse Room 121.   The door to the room was clearly labeled “Press Conference”.  A quick check of OhioChannel.org shows that lots of other legislative press conferences have been broadcast and recorded by OGT.

Just recently, on August 15th, 2013, Republican State Representatives Hagan and Wachtmann held a big press conference – in exactly the same room – to introduce their latest incarnation of the Hearthbeat Bill.   Stars of Reality TV Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, along with 17 of their 19 children, were on hand to show support for the bill, which would effectively ban all abortions in Ohio.

No Democrats, doctors or women’s health advocates were invited to participate.   And yet the press conference was recorded by a team from OGT and is available on the Ohio Channel website here.


Video of Heartbeat Bill hearing from OhioChannel.org

“It is clear that House Republicans will stop at nothing to suppress any views they disagree with, especially when it comes to health care for Ohio women,” Rep. Kathleen Clyde said of the decision to pull cameras from the room.  “These egregious actions highlight the need for transparency in state government more than ever.”


  • Retrofuturistic

    They brought in the Duggars to support Ohio’s anti-abortion bill? Jim Bob and Michelle? You’re kidding me! How smarmy and manipulative. And what does it say about Ohioans that we have a segment of our population this is susceptible to this kind of manipulation.

  • batguano

    Damn liberal media!!! Oh, wait…

  • amanda

    They are just cheezy.

  • Think.

    Republican lawmakers struggle with the difference between reality television and reality. Perhaps OGT would have been allowed to televise the discussion if the Kardashians had been at Statehouse Room 121 to make an appearance.

  • Misty Weaver Powell

    yes, because every woman wants her vagina to be used like a clown car

  • dmoore2222

    I don’t see a single person of color in that clip. I didn’t realize Ohio was all white. Silly me.

  • Ash

    when it’s the only viewpoint available, of course some people will believe it. this whole jackass parade is just sickening.

  • Ash


  • Stephen Beard

    SOP for the Republicans. Public discussions? No. Floor debates? You’re kidding. Consult with professionals? Pffft!

  • Retrofuturistic

    I totally agree. Uck.

  • Lar

    hurrah for the republicans–get rid of abortion, save the babies

  • Lar

    I see a person of color in the back row ,blind man, what is the
    gripe now??

  • dmoore2222

    I don’t know who you see in the back row that could be a person of color, Mr. Hawkeye. Unless you count a tan.

  • Bear

    If the Duggar family isn’t the poster family as to why we need birth control I don’t know what is.

  • missskeptic

    Lar, you may be able to get rid of legal abortions, but you will never get rid of abortion.

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