Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols tweeted this photo from a jobs announcement with GE in Bucyrus on Wednesday.



Yep.  A big, empty podium proclaiming New Jobs for Ohio.

What a great image to represent Kasich’s record on jobs: a big sign with nothing behind it.

Today’s job numbers help to highlight his failure.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics put out their monthly state-by-state jobs report this morning and, for the second time this year, Ohio ranked second in the largest number of jobs lost in a month.  Ohio lost 8,200 jobs in August, second only to Georgia (a “right-to-work” state, by the way).   The unemployment news is also bad.

For all of 2013 Ohio’s unemployment rate has been creeping upward, starting at 6.7% in December, it hit 7.3% last month – the first time it has not been lower than the national average in almost three years.

Given the continued bad news on the employment and jobs front, we’re certainly glad to hear GE plans to add 70 new jobs, just like we were glad when they added 130 jobs at the same facility with tax credits from the Strickland Administration in 2010.

And I suppose we can’t fault Kasich and Nichols for trying to use Wednesday’s GE announcement in Bucyrus to put a positive spin on what otherwise has been a pretty awful year for the Kasich administration when it comes to their jobs message.

But while Nichols was proudly Tweeting about the announcement of 70 job commitments at GE, he’s been strangely silent on the nearly twice that many jobs that may be lost at Pure Romance, an Ohio-based company that may end up moving to Kentucky after the Kasich administration killed a deal that would have brought 120 jobs to Cincinnati, simply because the Governor didn’t like the type of products they sell.

And it isn’t just Pure Romance.  In 2013 alone, nearly 50 companies have filed WARN notices with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services indicating that they plan to layoff 50 employees or more.  In total, that adds up to 6,805 potentially lost jobs.  And that’s just the big ones.

That list includes Ormet, an aluminum producer in Hannibal, OH.   Without help from Kasich’s PUCO, the plant could close next month, taking with it over 900 jobs.

And the public sector has been hit even harder, with Ohio losing tens of thousands of federal and local government jobs – that means police officers, firefighters and teachers – since 2011 thanks, in large part, to Kasich’s disastrous funding cuts to cities, towns and counties.

When Kasich and Mark Kvamme created JobsOhio, the secretive and shady group that receives public money for state development efforts, they promised us the lack of transparency and accountability were necessary to stay nimble, to  “move at the speed of business” and  to kick start Ohio’s job creation efforts.   

“Judge us on our results,” Kvamme said.

So far, those results pretty much suck.

JobOhio will be holding a public board meeting in Dayton at this afternoon.    I highly recommend our Dayton-area readers stop by and ask them what they have been doing with that $100 Million we gave them this year, and how they plan to spend the over $6 Billion in state money we’ll be handing over to them over the next 25 years?

Here are the details:

JobsOhio Board Meeting

Friday, September 20, 2013
1:45 to 3:15 p.m.

Wright Brother’s Institute
5000 Springfield Street
Dayton, OH 45431