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Obamacare in 6 words

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With a couple weeks before the exchanges open, and Republicans threatening to shut down the government until everybody understands Obamacare, I was planning on writing a piece about how:

the GOP is basically admitting that they don’t understand what is now a major part of the American government much of the media doesn’t understand it either, so they’re unequipped to point out that the GOP’s behavior is unspeakably embarrassing

Then I got kind of circumspect about what I’ve written, which is overly analytical and makes Obamacare seem complicated. If you’re a consumer, here’s what Obamacare means for you:


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If you’re looking for troublesome  evidence of the right-wing zealots who are attempting to take control of how we educate our kids, look no farther than the Ohio Board of Education.  As the standard-setting camp for public education, it has  two Kasich appointees who wouldn’t mind casting  it  into the inglorious dark past of book burning and Red baiting.

In short order,  the board’s president, Debe Terhar, called for the removal of Toni Morrison’s  The Bluest Eye, from the reading list of high school students.  She said the  Nobelist’s book contained a rape scene that she wouldn’t want her, or anybody else’s, grandchildren to read.


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Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols tweeted this photo from a jobs announcement with GE in Bucyrus on Wednesday.


Yep.  A big, empty podium proclaiming New Jobs for Ohio.

What a great image to represent Kasich’s record on jobs: a big sign with nothing behind it.

Today’s job numbers help to highlight his failure.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics put out their monthly state-by-state jobs report this morning and, for the second time this year, Ohio ranked second in the largest number of jobs lost in a month.  Ohio lost 8,200 jobs in August, second only to Georgia (a […]

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