JobsOhio and the Kasich administration are scuttling a deal to move a suburban company to a larger space in downtown Cincinnati. As a result, the company is considering an offer to move to Northern Kentucky.

JobsOhio rejected the move because the company markets relationship enhancement devices to women. Given GOP support for Medicare coverage of Viagra and penis pumps, this is an unexpected new front in the War on Women.

Pure Romance is expanding operations and hiring 15 new management-level employees. Like many businesses, they want to move from the suburbs to downtown Cincinnati to attract a wider talent pool. Cincinnati offered them $353,000 in tax incentives, which was originally matched with $108,000 from Ohio.

According to CEO Chris Cicchinelli, Pure Romance’s house parties and products  strengthen marriages. “We know when communication breaks down in the bedroom, communication breaks down in the complete relationship,” he told the Enquirer.

Then JobsOhio heard about what Pure Romance does.

According to David Goodman, the director of Ohio Development Services Agency, the state indicated on August 21 that it would provide a tax credit. A week later, the offer was rescinded after JobsOhio reviewed the request.

JobsOhio seems to have complained to Goodman, who then decided to pull funding because he “didn’t think it was a wise investment of state dollars. It’s not part of the targeted industries that JobsOhio typically invests in.”

No word on how Bob Evans fits the JobsOhio model.

I’m not saying that job creation tax credits without accountability are good policy, but John Kasich certainly believes they are.

And given conservative support for treatments that reinvigorate sex lives, the discrimination against Pure Romance is even more hypocritical. Here’s anti-choice Minnesota Sen. Paul Gazelka talking about a relationship enhancement device:

[It] is a wonderful medical advancement in that can help couples with sexual disfunction issues [sic]…it can even help in producing life.

It’s good to hear that he, like Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and Bob Dole1, understands that Pure Romance can help build stronger relationships—wait, sorry. They’re all talking about Viagra.

I guess Republicans only care about prolonging sexual function when it’s about male organs. If women derive any enhanced sexual pleasure, that’s just an unfortunate side effect.


1 Watch the full Maddow bit. That is Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet in the Bob Dole Pepsi ad!

  • Retrofuturistic

    But if you sell GMO and factory farm food (like Bob Evans) you’re OK….


    There is a distinct possibility that the Governor may be concerned that a “wife” who stays home to do the laundry might enjoy herself.

  • bronncohowie

    they only “invest” in companies that contribute big bucks to the GOBP/teabaggers !

  • missskeptic

    Maybe Melissa Jordan would appreciate their products!

  • mschmidt48

    Let me get this straight. The company “markets relationship enhancement devices to women” TRANSLATION; the company sells over priced, battery operated vibrators that are produced in China to women who attend sale parties that are similar to Tupperware parties. and Pure Romance “Is expanding operations and hiring 15 new management level employees” TRANSLATION; The parties are turning out to be so popular that the owners wife can no longer keep up the pace on her own so they need to hire15 new sales associates that will co-ordinate housewives who wish to book a party.
    Tax incentives are usually given when the government entity can expect a good return on investment in the form of jobs or what ever that would increase the tax base. The only jobs this creates is 15 commission only positions. Apparently when they realized that $461K tax incentive was only going to benefit the partners in this venture they stepped in to protect the Tax Payers of the City and State. It would be just as ridiculous to invest in to a company that was hosting Viagra parties.
    It would probably make more sense to offer the tax incentive to “The Lions Den” adult stores but I doubt if that would be a popular use of tax payer money. I’m glad that someone is looking out for tax payers and preventing the waste of public resources. People should be more concerned with the $285Billion tax surplus increase by the Federal Government this year. That’s still not enough to get our Federal Budget under control . The more they increase taxes the more they spend. Obama is presently calling for another $1Trillion in tax increases over the next decade. Would the GOP be more popular if they started operating the same as the Democrats and began to increase handouts and demanded more tax increases?

  • westparkguy

    100 Million Dollar plus company. Man that owners wife sure must be busy. It’s 60 employees, not 15, with another 60 in the next few years and a company headquarters. All for $108K.

    If Kasich was worried about jobs instead of being a prude, this would be a no-brainer

  • mschmidt48

    According to this article they were needing to expand to create 15 new management level jobs and if you go to their website they are selling sales kits and the promotion for it is equivalent to a pyramid scheme the same as AMWAY used to be. There is no guarantee to any “sales associate” that they sell a $150 kit to that they will sell anything. No sales equals no income. It’s not a matter of being prudish because it doesn’t make sense to invest tax payer money on a scheme designed to fleece the gullible.

  • duckmonkeyman

    Sounds like you are for government picking winners and losers.

  • duckmonkeyman

    Hey, maybe this company just rubs Kasich the wrong way….

  • duckmonkeyman

    So any company that pays its sales force on commission has the wrong business model and ineligible for tax incentives? You include Bob Evans where waitresses and waiters are paid with tips?

  • Dani

    So, it is ok to give tax breaks to companies that contribute to high cholesterol and obesity, raising health costs lol.

  • rhetorical

    Amway is a pretty dirty business, but it does provide a large tax base for the Grand Rapids area.

  • clambake

    “Woman focused”? Oh for God’s sake, this is a pyramid scheme company.

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