State Impact reports that Ohio Board of Education President Debe Terhar wants to remove Toni Morrison’s first novel, ,the Bluest Eye, from state common core guidelines.   Terhar called the book, which is recommended reading for 11th graders, “pornographic” because it contains a rape scene.  “I don’t want my grandchildren reading it and I don’t want anybody else’s grandchildren reading it,” Terhar said.

Terhar was hand-picked by the Kasich administration as part of their effort to take control of the board.  She is a member of multiple Tea Party groups and a vocal advocate of Ohio’s failed charter school experiment.   In January she embarrassed herself and the administration by posting offensive comments on her Facebook page comparing President Obama to Hitler after the president spoke about the Sandy Hook massacre.

Oddly, Ms. Terhar seems to think supporting common sense gun regulations, like universal background checks, makes the president a fanatical fascist on par with Hitler.   But banning books?  Well, that’s just as American and patriotic as apple pie.