State Rep Andy Brenner seems to love charter schools.    In January he introduced a resolution to create a “School Choice Week” in January to “honor the hardworking educators, staff and parents of students for their roles in providing a quality public charter school education within Ohio.”

Andy and his wife, Powell City Councilman and Conservative Blogger Sarah Marie, have no children attending Ohio’s schools, but Andy does represent one of the most affluent and high-performing school districts in the state, Olentangy Local Schools.

Earlier this week Greg reported that low-performing online charter schools and charter schools in neighboring school districts siphon off over $1.1 Million dollars in funds from Olentangy schools.    For each student attending Olentangy, the state provides the district around $400.   But for each student who leaves for a charter, Olentangy is required to pay that charter school an average of $10,000 per student!  And the district must pay to bus the child to the charter school, even though none of the charters are located within the district or even within Delaware County.

Most importantly, each and every one of the charter schools that pulls students from Olentangy performs worse than district, with the lot of them averaging a GPA of 1.085 (D) vs Olentangy’s 3.667 (A).

So Ohio’s charter school system allows some of the worst performing schools in the state to poach students from Brenner’s district, stealing over a million dollars each year from one of the best performing school districts in the state.

And what’s the best way to honor that system?  With a new license plate, of course!

According to a co-sponsor letter sent out by Brenner, he will soon be introducing a bill to require the state to issue School Choice license plates. “The public charter school system and school choice has had an enormous effect on the educational impact for students who are disadvantaged,” writes Brenner. “These license plates will continue to provide awareness for educational options as well as the students and families that seek an alternative to a failing school system.”

Proceeds from the plates will go to a group named School Choice Ohio.   According to the Ohio Secretary of State’s website, the group first registered to do business in Ohio in 2007 as a foreign nonprofit from the state of Delaware.   The original registration form (here) lists Republican Lawyer Bill Todd as the Assistant Vice President.   Todd ran for mayor of Columbus in 2007 and received nearly a quarter of his funding from infamous charter school operator David Brennan of White Hat Management.   Todd later defended Brennan for illegal campaign contributions Brennan and his wife made to Ohio Republicans.

Another interesting fact about School Choice Ohio: the group registered at 1209 North Orange Street in Wilmington, Delaware, an address made famous in a NYT article that revealed nearly 300,000 businesses used the same address, including some owned by Jack Abramoff, drug and arms smugglers, and tax cheats from the around the world.

In 2012, the group’s statutory agent in Ohio resigned and they had their Ohio registration revoked.   It was later reinstated under a new agent by Board Chairman John Mullaney, who also chairs the Nord Family Foundation.

Anyway… back to Andy’s plates.

We found the idea of honoring Ohio’s ineffective, money-wasting, horribly-performing failure of a charter school system with a license plate so completely ridiculous, that the only appropriate response was a Photoshop challenge!

We’ll kick it off with a couple suggestions we will be sending to Mr. Brenner once the bill is actually introduced.  But we highly encourage you to make your own. You can download a blank plate template here. Email yours to me directly ( joseph at and we’ll post them for the world to enjoy, and send them on to Mr. Brenner for consideration.

Here’s a few to get the creative juices flowing…





  • Karen Cremean

    How about failing Ohio SCHOOLS?

  • Charlotte Joseph

    Andy Brenner . . . Bill Todd . . . hmmmm . . . separated at birth? I’d like to see Brenner try to pass a high school test. He’s definitely charter school material.

  • dmoore2222

    The old Nixon era adage, “if you say it enough people will begin to believe it” applies here. So this license plate boondoggle is their way of trying to convince people that a failed charter school experiment is working. Their assumption that people in Ohio are stupid blew up with the SB5 smack down and again in the 2012 presidential election. Another amateurish republican attempt to make falure look like a success. People aren’t gonna buy this crap.

  • DublinIrishBob

    Are you f***ing kidding me? First off, Brenner needs to be held accountable for his financial shenanigans. If his license plate plan is even considered, I want to see a license plate honoring the Flat Earth Society.

  • Bob M

    Sadly too many people *are* still buying this crap. Why else are
    they putting their kids into schools that perform worse? Too many of them really believe that businesses can do no wrong.

  • I’d like to see someone do an undercover story about Ohio’s charter schools. A person posing as a parent could go into one of these facilities and check out the curriculum, teacher work hours, classrooms, desks, computers, and playground equipment. I’m too old for this type of undercover operation, but someone younger could expose a lot about the operations of these failing programs.

  • Michael Smith

    Why can I not help but think of Bill Engvall saying “Here’s your sign” when I think of these license plates?

  • rhetorical

    Our state legislature is most certainly failing Ohio schools.

  • Gene

    Maybe when some people will wise up and realize it is the conservatives and religious who are promoting these things , he conservatives and radical religious won’t have such an easy time looking down on the rest of society and get away with promoting the things that their church’s promote through conservatism such as what they call school choice , but all it is an attempt to destroy the public schools by getting as many of the better students out of them and as has been happening to some cities closing buildings down to loss of students not even considering that as the people mentioned in the article , have no children.
    Just as many of the people fighting against abortion have none or a few children and practice birth control themselves.

  • Guest

    Here’s some I thought of that I think would be perfect.

  • BH74923


  • BH74923

    Or this??

  • BH74923

    Or a special one for Mr. Brennan so everyone knows what a scam artist is really is.

  • Gene

    The fact that charter schools can use State and Federal education facilities and not have to come up with the money to provide them, themselves with their profits or raise tuition rates for their students is proof enough that if you can send your children to a charter school and they perform as well or better than in a public school, who wouldn’t like the charter schools. My child is unique. This must have been how the wealthy felt at one time when they could send their children to the prestigious schools and the ordinary riff-raff had to send their children to public schools.
    For parents of public school children to pay the State and Federal cost of school bus usage for Charter schools to get their students even from outside their school district or area is like a public school parent buying his own mower to mow his yard while the charter school parent has the city or county mow his yard with public money .
    Vote for more of these Conservatives . G.W. bush is the one who allowed this to happen and the religious supported him.

  • Gene

    Stubborn Liberals comment about the number of computers in schools apparently has been thought of. At one time an article somewhere said that consideration is given to adopting and using more computers in schools and getting away from text books.

  • Faux Lies

    Exactly, you ever see the movie Idiocracy? Brenner represents the dumbing down of America

  • Charlotte Joseph

    Of course. We don’t need no stinkin’ books. To turn a phrase.

  • Charlotte Joseph

    That’s far too sophisticated — he won’t understand.

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