We’re hearing that some southern Ohio Republican lawmakers are so taken by the gays-to-straights conversion therapy idea taking root in the land  that they are ready to try it out in other areas of social concern.  They  would replace food stamps  for a therapeutic conversion that would require food-stamp  recipients to give up eating altogether.

One well-fed lawmaker from down along the Ohio River supported the notion as a cost-saving measure as well as the perfect solution to ridding poor recipients of their nasty eating habits.  “This isn’t rocket science,” he said, self-assuredly.   “People who don’t eat anything don’t need the stamps. We’re finally getting around to attacking the problem at the source”.

  • dmoore2222

    Are you serious? This comes from the very people who eat from the public trough otherwise known as public supported salaries for elected officials. I know, let him go without pay for say 6 months and see how he feels about his own proposal. That would truly be “attacking the problem at the source.” Don’t these morons realize how utterly stupid they look when they open their pie holes?

  • Ash


  • Tim Fox

    I have a hard time believing this is anything but a joke.

  • buckeye15

    I have always respected the serious (and mostly accurate) reporting I have gotten from Joseph and Modern and Brian and Greg, etal, for a number of years now. I have come to trust and rely on this site for good info about our state government.

    However, as humorous as some of Abe’s satire pieces are, I think they diminish the otherwise strong reporting that goes on here.

  • jr6020

    I kinda agree with buckeye15…but like to add this serious point: the proposal to limit food stamps to a certain group in only some counties is probably unconstitutional…

  • Think.

    I love Abe’s political satire! It may confuse readers, though, because his comical spoofs are so similar to what Ohioans have come to expect from our extreme Republican lawmakers, that people would believe anything this ridiculous could originate from them. The current GOP is nothing more than an absurd caricature of a political party, and we have Abe to thank for driving that point home.

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