From the daily archives: Tuesday, September 10, 2013

State Rep Andy Brenner seems to love charter schools.    In January he introduced a resolution to create a “School Choice Week” in January to “honor the hardworking educators, staff and parents of students for their roles in providing a quality public charter school education within Ohio.”

Andy and his wife, Powell City Councilman and Conservative Blogger Sarah Marie, have no children attending Ohio’s schools, but Andy does represent one of the most affluent and high-performing school districts in the state, Olentangy Local Schools.

Earlier this week Greg reported that low-performing online charter schools and charter schools in neighboring […]

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We’re hearing that some southern Ohio Republican lawmakers are so taken by the gays-to-straights conversion therapy idea taking root in the land  that they are ready to try it out in other areas of social concern.  They  would replace food stamps  for a therapeutic conversion that would require food-stamp  recipients to give up eating altogether.

One well-fed lawmaker from down along the Ohio River supported the notion as a cost-saving measure as well as the perfect solution to ridding poor recipients of their nasty eating habits.  “This isn’t rocket science,” he said, self-assuredly.   “People who don’t eat anything don’t […]

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