Thanks, Columbus Dispatch.

ICYMY, this is a headline from Friday morning:


Of course, it was Peyton Manning, Not John Elway, who threw the seven touchdown passes in a game Thursday night.  Elway retired in 1999.

That’s a pretty embarrassing mistake for Ohio’s Greatest Newspaper.

We have been critical of the political coverage by Ohio’s Greatest Newspaper (just ask them).  Particularly it’s lazy journalism of reporting the controversy: printing quotes from both sides of the story and not performing any analysis that allowed readers to gain a deeper understanding of the issues.  The Cincinnati Enquirer cleaned their clock in reporting on the real impacts of Kasich’s Budget: No real help to small businesses and increased property taxes.

We are fair media critics, though.  We have also praised the Dispatch when they report the actual facts of important issues in the last election.  See Here and Here.

This reminded us, as many things do, of the Simpsons.

In the classic episode, Cape Feare, the Simpsons must enter the witness protection program to escape from Sideshow Bob.  Homer says, “I want to be John Elway!”  The episode cuts to a dream sequence of Homer scoring a touchdown in the last seconds of the Super Bowl.  The announcer says, “Thanks to Elway’s patented last second magic, the final score of Super Bowl 30… Denver 7, San Francisco 56.”

Remember this when the Dispatch reports on the “Kasich Magic” as we approach the next election.

Really, having Kasich as Governor is like having the Denver Broncos as your football team: