The Big Red Machine returned to Cincinnati to give us a lesson.

The “Great Eight” led Cincinnati to World Series titles in 1975 and 1976.  They gathered at Great American Ballpark for an event honoring Joe Morgan.

Here is the picture (from Cincinnati Enquirer):


What is striking is how much this team looks like America.  White Players.  African American Players.  Hispanic Players.  All on the same team.

The Big Red Machine is a great example of how diversity makes us stronger.

Now take a look at the famous photo of Governor John Kasich signing the last budget bill.  Remember, that’s the budget bill that cuts taxes for the rich,  hurts the elderly, and includes unconstitutional provisions restricting the access of women to reproductive services:


(photo by Ohio Public Radio’s Karen Kasler)

Even papers outside Ohio noted the lack of diversity from that budget signing photo.  The New York Daily News (a paper that endorsed Romney for President) had a headline:  “Ohio governor, flanked by six men, signs stringent abortion restrictions into law.”

The photos speak for themselves.  The lesson from the Big Red Machine is obvious: America works best when our team includes all Americans, not just, As Joe put it, a bunch of “old white dudes.”