As you will note elsewhere on Plunderbund, State Rep. Andrew Brenner, a Republican from Delaware County, has been told by GOP brass to cool it on his  three right-to-work bills until after the November 2014 gubernatorial election.  He confirmed  that much on a radio show and referred to his party’s  fears that such  legislation  would hurt Gov. Kasich’s reelection bid.

There would be an extra  benefit to treading water beyond another Labor Day  celebration, too.   That would give Ohio Republican Chairman Matt Borges a second opportunity to offer profound praise of Ohio’s work force, just as he did this year. Besides, he might not get a third opportunity.

  • missskeptic

    If you missed the interview with Andy Brenner on the front page of the Delaware Gazette, it’s well worth reading. He spoke against a background reading “American Enterprise Institute”, a Koch Brothers-funded Crazy Tea Party festival. All the “questions” were softballs, designed to show what Andy’s been working on in the House. It was pretty enlightening. Andy wants to get rid of all these excess township trustees in Ohio, which might piss off a few people who work hard for the neighbors and get paid a nice bit of salary, not enough to live on but still an extra bonus. Andy also thinks if we pay workers at McDonalds a living wage of $15 an hour, McDonalds will go out of business and all those people will be on welfare – not thinking that a lot of those people are ALREADY getting government assistance! I guess the nice puff piece was the Gazette’s way of making up to the Brenners after they made SaraMarie cry.

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