Avik Roy works for the Conservative Manhattan Institute.  He has been an open critic of Obamacare and he worked as a healthcare adviser to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.   Today he released a study showing that Ohio’s insurance premiums will decrease under the Affordable Care Act exchange.

According to Roy’s blog on Forbes.com, “Ohio rates will actually decrease by an average of 30 percent” according to his analysis.

As Luke wrote yesterday, The Kaiser Family Foundation and the Rand Corporation also found that healthcare costs would drop for Ohioans using the healthcare exchange.

And Avalere Health found that Ohio’s premiums will be lower than the national average and most will be paying less than they do today after they receive subsidies.

All of these studies support Luke’s original analysis.

So when Mary Taylor claims premiums are going up 41% in Ohio’s health insurance exchange – and when Matt Borges tries to fundraise off those numbers – they are both lying.





  • jr6020

    They just keep repeating the lies and hoping they stick. With toothless “watchdogs” like the CD, PD reinforcing the lies it’s not a hard sell…

  • Think.

    Mary, Mary, QUITE contrary…

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