From the daily archives: Friday, September 6, 2013

Avik Roy works for the Conservative Manhattan Institute.  He has been an open critic of Obamacare and he worked as a healthcare adviser to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.   Today he released a study showing that Ohio’s insurance premiums will decrease under the Affordable Care Act exchange.

According to Roy’s blog on, “Ohio rates will actually decrease by an average of 30 percent” according to his analysis.

As Luke wrote yesterday, The Kaiser Family Foundation and the Rand Corporation also found that healthcare costs would drop for Ohioans using the healthcare exchange.

And Avalere Health found […]

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Based on some of the comments on my last post, it seems helpful to post a primer on Obamacare premium support.

It’s been called “subsidies”, but it’s actually “premium support”: Obamacare guarantees that you won’t spend more than X% of your income on insurance. X is itself calculated based on your income, such that low income uninsured people will pay very little while higher-income uninsured people will pay around what they currently pay. The amount of your premium support can then be applied to whichever plan you want.

Around 88% of Ohioans who go to the exchange will get […]

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As you will note elsewhere on Plunderbund, State Rep. Andrew Brenner, a Republican from Delaware County, has been told by GOP brass to cool it on his  three right-to-work bills until after the November 2014 gubernatorial election.  He confirmed  that much on a radio show and referred to his party’s  fears that such  legislation  would hurt Gov. Kasich’s reelection bid.

There would be an extra  benefit to treading water beyond another Labor Day  celebration, too.   That would give Ohio Republican Chairman Matt Borges a second opportunity to offer profound praise of Ohio’s work force, just as he […]

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