We heard rumors that Ohio’s GOP legislators were told to hold off on pushing so-called “right-to-work” legislation until after the 2014 election to keep Kasich from having to take a stance on the issue.  In a recent interview with the Delaware Gazette, State Rep Andrew Brenner admits the rumors were true.

When asked about Ohio Work­place Free­dom, Bren­ner said, “I’m co-sponsor on three bills, and I’m told I’m on a wanted poster in one of the union halls. There’s right-to-work for private, public and a resolution to put it on the ballot. I don’t think any of them are going anywhere. We were told not to even bring them up, because next year is an election year for the governor. This may come up if he’s re-elected. If he’s not re-elected, it won’t come up because we won’t get it through Ed FitzGerald.”

So as Kasich tries to present himself as a moderate taking on the extremists in his party – like “a thin Chris Christie” as GOP Lobbyist Neil Clark recently described him – remember that Kasich and Ohio’s Republicans have NOT given up on their anti-worker, SB5 agenda.   They are simply waiting until after the 2014 election to force it all through.