Can’t let this special day pass without sharing a soaring tribute to American workers from Gov. Kasich’s hand-picked slingshot, state GOP Chairman Matt Borges. As we all know from the recent archives, organized labor has never had greater friends than the governor and Republican-controlled state legislature. It isn’t ancient history, after all, that the lawmakers conspired to choke the unions with Senate Bill 5 – a measure that was eventually demolished by the voters.

So on the occasion of Labor Day, Borges grabbed an opportunity to praise Ohio’s work force in a press release with that logo of a white elephant floating above a barn and silo.

“The ingenuity and work ethic of Ohioans has long been our state’s greatest asset,” Borges rhapsodizes with words one never heard from Republicans as the union-restrictive Senate bill flew into law. “Ohio’s workers continue to contribute to the most important innovations leading to our modern way of life. The talent of Ohio’s workers is second to none. We wish all Ohioans a happy Labor Day”. (If not a closed shop or increase in the minimum wage.)

But Borges actually had something else in mind. His closing paragraph cited all of the alleged progress under Kasich in fashioning an “Ohio Miracle” with, among other things, a $12.7 billion tax relief plan.

Curiously, nowhere in Borges’ latest self-serving pro-worker fantasy did the word “union” appear.


(Reposted from Grumpy Abe’s blog)