From the daily archives: Sunday, September 1, 2013

Vardon and Hallet have a story in today’s Dispatch driven by quotes from the head of JobsOhio’s board, James C. Boland.  In the piece, Boland admits that JobsOhio is seen as a “self-dealing, secretive and unaccountable” organization while he outlines his plan to turn that perception around.

“We’ve got to get on the offense and really let people understand what the hell we’re doing.” Boland told the Dispatch.   “We have nothing to hide here,” Boland later said.

We couldn’t agree more.  JobsOhio needs to let Ohioans know what the hell they are doing – especially when it comes to […]

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The decision by Missouri’s Republican legislature to activate its  divine right to trump the U.S. Constitution on Obamacare and gun laws has encouraged Texas Gov. Rick Perry to reconsider his own earlier threat to have his state secede from the Union.

“As long as Lone Star divine right right gives us all of the power we need to ignore the Constitution, there’s  really no need to secede and give up whatever money we still  want from the Feds,” he told reporters at a ceremony celebrating former Texas Rep. Tom DeLay (Shown here)

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Governor John Kasich and Attorney General Mike DeWine have weighed in on the State of Ohio’s facial recognition program. 

Neither Kasich nor DeWine seem to recognize the real risks of this program – that it could be used to gather lists of people who appear in public events, or that it could be sued to track individual Ohioans.

Start with DeWine.  After being caught in a lie about the program, DeWine appointed a panel to review security protocols for the facial recognition system.  One, ahem, small problem:  the group does not include any experts in civil liberties or […]

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