With encouraging predictions from the GOP’s resident gurus, Karl Rove and Dick Morris, that Gov.Kasich would defeat Democrat Ed  FitzGerald by 57 points, several low-ranking Republican lawmakers from southern Ohio are rumored  to be putting the final touches on a bill that would eliminate the 2014 gubernatorial election altogether.

One of the probable legislative  sponsors, an entry level statistician in JobsOhio, the secret Skull and Bones-style fraternity,  said he was impressed by crunching the numbers of campaign dollars and votes.

“It would save the state  money and create 627,492 – maybe even 627, 501 – jobs,” he said. “Who could be against jobs?”  he asked triumphantly.  

Who, indeed, when, by his account, 9  more jobs might even  be created?

  • dmoore2222

    Aren’t these the same guys who had all the rosey predictions for Romney? They should cancel it to save themselves the embarassment of Kasich getting clobbered.

  • fairminded

    I find this very frightening but not surprising. They don’t want elections and want to control government. How ironic that it was a Republican president; Dwight Eisenhower that warned us about the military-industrial complex. It is here!

  • hammpo

    Am I missing a link? Because this sounds like satire.

  • John Wachenheimer

    Indeed. If this is true it’s appalling, but I also need to see some proof.

  • It’s satire, people.

  • fairminded

    Thanks Joseph!
    With all the crazy things coming out from the extreme right who knows what to believe. I was reading an article by E.J.Dionne Jr. in the Washington Post talking about the series of issues coming before the legislature this Fall on such things as the debt ceiling and funding the government. He asks the question ” Will our ability to govern ourselves be held hostage to an ideology that casts government as little more then dead weight in American life? He was referring of course to the radical right who want to shut down government and force their minority beliefs on the majority of us.

  • CherMoe

    It wouldn’t be surprising if it happened. Hasn’t Kasich pretty much voted himself a “shroud of secrecy” and corruption in his REIGN over Ohioans?? He takes no questions and does what he damned well pleases.

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