A complaint has been filed with the Delaware County Board of Elections claiming Teri Owens, candidate for Delaware City Council, fraudulently “used her husband’s business address as her residence of record for voting purposes.”  The actual home address and business address are in different wards.  Owen’s husband Robert  serves on the Executive Committee of the Delaware County Republican Party as well as the national council of the radical right-wing John Birch Society.  Robert Owens recently ran for Ohio Attorney General with support from the Constitution Party.

In more Delaware County news, State Rep. Andrew Brenner and his wife, right-wing blogger and Powell councilwoman Sarah Marie Brenner, added to their already-long list of liens last month, adding a new one from the Bureau of Workers Compensation for failure to pay state insurance fund premiums on their music studio business.

Kelly Kohls, Springboro School Board President and head of the Warren County Tea Party, flew to Texas this week with State Rep Andy Thompson to participate in a segment on the Glenn Beck show.   As we understand it, they plan to diss the Common Core standards, which Thomspon has tried to ban in Ohio (HB 237), and Kohls will reveal some shocking news about something “she found in her daughter’s history book”.


Interesting connection here: in 2010 the IRS place a lien on Robert Owens for over $62,000 in unpaid taxes and it was then-Recorder Andy Brenner who processed the paperwork.     That same year Kohls filed for bankruptcy with total liabilities of $908,110.  Because… fiscal responsibility!



  • Emmy

    Note that Kohls is a member of her local school board, which by state law is responsible for approving and adopting text books and instructional materials. Did she not review it before voting to adopt it?

  • Mike Evans

    I suspect the shocking news regarding what “[Kohls] found in her daughter’s history book” is that the 13th amendment abolished involuntary servitude. Bad news for the bigots that currently lead Ohio’s Republican party.

  • Jor Dough

    Delaware attorney Robert M. Owen – “Owens Law Office LPA a Corporation”, is just another Delaware County Republican/Bircher right-wing nut TAX DEADBEAT according to the Delaware County Recorder’s office records. This clown wanted to be Ohio’s AG!

    On April 1, 2010 Owens got $32,652.41 of liens for 941 (Employer trust fund taxes for withheld taxes from employees’ payroll) for 12/31/2006 – 2009 and 1120 (Corporate taxes) for 2008. All of which were filed on the office address 46 North Sandusky St. in Delaware.

    The Owens’ must live in the Sandusky St. office; if that’s where they claim to live for voting purposes. No release of the IRS lien is on file – wonder if Owens paid his employer taxes.

    That non-payment of payroll taxes is a clever scam by scummy employers to get the federal government to subsidize a business if the employer doesn’t pay yet the employees file for, and get, refunds. The rest of us who pay get to subsidize the deadbeats who don’t pay payroll (941) taxes.

    Is there a rule that say to be a big-shot Republican in Delaware County you have to be a big-time tax deadbeat. That seems to be the norm the Delaware GOP.

  • Kelly Kohls has several degrees in human nutrition, but nothing in the area of educating children. Kohls and her ilk want nothing more than to rip out decades of scientific data on education in order to promote their far right agenda. If Kohls and the tea party want to re-write education for their district, tell the parents that their children will most likely fail college entrance exams and not be qualified for scholarships. Kohls and her tea party supporters want to dumb down kids so that they can fill their heads with their mumbo jumbo Glenn Beckisms. As you can tell, I’m not a fan of the right wing’s attacks on education and teachers.

  • Natasha

    H’mmm that tax deadbeat scam of not paying the withholding taxes taken from an employee’s paycheck could be very lucrative to the tax deadbeat employer and an employee who happens to be a relative of the employer.

    Deadbeat employer “hires” a relative (wife, kid) pays the relative a paycheck less the withholding tax.

    The employee and deadbeat employer structure the “paycheck” amounts to maximize a refund from the IRS.

    The relative/employee files a tax return claiming the maximum refund.

    IRS makes the refund to the relative/employee of the deadbeat employer.

    Deadbeat employer and relative/employee pocket the refund and nobody is the wiser.

    Could be big money for a few bogus filings with the IRS!

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