As we’ve documented many times before, law enforcement agencies around the state have been forced to make drastic cuts in order to keep up with the over $1 Billion Kasich’s budgets have stolen from the local government fund.    Last week Mike DeWine publicly recognized this fact in front of a room full of cops.

Speaking at the national FOP conference in Cincinnati, DeWine told attendees:  “I think if you talk about the state of law enforcement, it is strained in this state.   There are probably fewer people in most departments than were there 5 years ago.”

According to WVXU in Cincinnati: “DeWine said most of that strain comes from budget cuts that have reduced or capped the number of police officers in many communities.”

While it’s nice to hear DeWine admit Kasich’s budget is straining law enforcement, it’s worth noting that Attorney General DeWine said nothing during budget debates over these cuts and was noticeably silent during the fight over Senate Bill 5, which would have stripped police officers around the state of their collective bargaining rights.