Racism is colliding business macroeconomics in the Ohio GOP. It will be interesting to see which carries the day.

I wasn’t surprised to return from a wedding in Texas to news that State Rep Matt Lynch wants to charge DREAMers more to go to Ohio universities, “revers[ing] the recent decision by the Board of Regents to allow in-state tuition to illegal immigrants1 in Ohio.”

When your policy is so stupid that even Rick Perry realized it was dumb a decade ago, you may be too racist for your own good.

1. Why have public universities?

Ohio has public universities so that Ohioans will constitute an educated workforce. This (far more than tax policy) makes Ohio an attractive place to expand a business: your client base will be wealthier, and your labor market more competitive, in a region with more college graduates.

Does Lynch think states run colleges because they’re bored?

2. Why discount in-state tuition?

States charge their residents lower tuition so that their residents will stay in-state.

K-12 education is the most significant investment that state government makes. If it does it too well–and fails to provide competitive options in state public colleges–then Ohio has just spent a ton of money to increase the earning potential of a Californian.

And it’s not because “taxpayers pick up some of the tab”. If that were the case, you’d get “in-state prison sentences” and “in-state turnpike tolls”.

Does Lynch think in-state tuition is just sentimentality on the part of schools?

3. Why let students establish Ohio residency and get lower tuition?

Because then they’re Ohioans. That’s the goal! Businesses locate in dense areas because that’s where their clients are. Having more Ohioans means having more clients.

Does Lynch think this is a loophole that somehow every American university has overlooked?

DREAMers are, de facto2, kids that have graduated from Ohio schools. Lynch wants Ohio to invest in these kids to the point that they’re able to move to another state–and then he wants them to move to another state. Or better yet, he wants to avoid “incentives for illegal immigrants to move to the state.”

In this scenario, another state has made the investment educating these kids for 13 years, and now the kids want to give Ohio colleges money, become Ohioans, and improve our economy. Take the deal!

At what point did the “bleeding hearts” become the cold, calculating pro-corporate folks? And at what point will Chambers of Commerce realize that Republicans are more than happy to hurt business as long as it hurts minorities?


1 Pro-tip: “illegal immigrants” is a racial slur. It doesn’t matter that Lynch doesn’t think it’s a racial slur, because the voters that Republicans are wooing think that it’s a racial slur.

Maybe the GOP shouldn’t have racists doing its minority outreach.

2 Steve King said the stupidest thing ever: that DREAMers have strong legs because they’re drug mules. These are kids who last crossed the border 15 years prior. Does he think that drug trafficking goes one person at a time? And that a toddler walks through the desert, then has cantaloupe-like calves for decades thereafter?

This is pure racism.

A couple years ago I was talking to a couple political-minded friends at the LULAC national convention, one a liberal and one a conservative (socially and economically).

Liberal: “The Ohio Republican Hispanic Outreach chair wants to set up a meeting with us.”

Conservative: “Tell him to give me a call when he kicks the bigots out of his party.”

Both of these guys voted for Obama.

  • Luke,

    Thank you for keeping Ohioans informed about the craziness going on in Columbus.

    I am 56 years old. Born, raised in Ohio and have lived here most of my life. At one time I was Fundamentalist pastor and a card-carrying member of the religious and political right. I understand crazy. 🙂

    That said, it seems our state has made a wholesale shift to the extreme right. When I was a young married man decades ago, James Rhodes was governor. It seemed that both sides of the aisle tried to work together for the good of all Ohioans. Today? Extremists control virtually every aspect of state government. Here in rural NW Ohio it is so bad that Democrats don’t even bother to run for office.

    Your website is a reminder that not everyone has succumbed to a Vulcan mind meld with extremists.

    Again, thank you.

    Bruce Gerencser

  • dmoore2222

    As you point out, Ohio will only be as attractive as it’s education system, workforce and infrastructure. Throwing money at businesses, a la JobsOhio, just doesn’t work because they usually don’t add that many workers or just leave when the money stops flowing. I would really like to know the cost per job that JobsOhio has “bought” with taxpayer money. It’s likely far greater than the cost of educating an immigrant child who will then become a productive citizen. These biggots have no clue about how America, and Ohio, became great. It was by hard work and sacrifice, and the dogged determination of immigrants to better themselves. Ohioans have to stop voting these dunces into office. THEY are making Ohio less attractive to businesses.

  • missskeptic

    The recently deceased Jack Germond said that politicians all had a reason for going into public service – maybe not the reason you would like, but still, a reason. He also said they weren’t getting rich in politics.
    That is untrue these days. The reason to go into politics is to GET to the money. True, maybe being a state representative doesn’t pay a whole lot – but what it leads to down the road – as a lobbyist, a fundraiser, on a state board, writing books, or whatever – is what matters. I think guys like Matt Lynch are simply looking towards the next election and what they can tell their constituents to raise funds. They will use whatever means, whatever code words it takes to get some headlines.

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