During the 2010 campaign, both John Kasich and Rob Portman tried to suggest that Ohio lost 400,000 jobs, not from the Great Recession, but because Ohio was bleeding jobs to other States because of its “uncompetitive” taxes and regulations (never mind that Ohio cut taxes 24% during Strickland’s term and he eliminated hundreds of regulations that Republican Governors maintained under his regulatory reforms.)

Of course, it turns out it was all bunk.  The Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Service was able to find out that out of 264,016 jobs lost from 2007-2010, only 4,820 jobs were lost to outsourcing to other States or overseas.  That’s less than 2% of those jobs.  The more than 98% of those jobs lost simple evaporated in the recession.

In 2010, John Kasich used NCR’s decision to move its corporate HQ during Gov. Strickland’s term as Exhibit A of the kind of thing his JobsOhio would prevent.  Never mind that NCR had a new out-of-state CEO who wondered why the company was still keeping a HQ in Ohio when it had largely moved its operations out of Ohio (before Strickland was even Governor.)

Now, let’s fast forward to today.  Over the weekend, the Dayton Daily News did a review of U.S. Department of Labor applications of laid off Ohioans to see how many layoffs had been the result of overseas outsourcing.

It found that so far this year, 1,800 laid off Ohioans are claiming to have lost their jobs due to overseas outsourcing alone.  Granted, not all the claims may be approved, and as the Dayton Daily News, at least one of the companies involved is fighting the claim… by arguing that it moved the jobs to Kansas, not overseas.  You know, the sort of thing that JobsOhio was supposed to prevent.

DDN notes the number could be higher as not all applications list the number of jobs lost.

And yes, if you did the math, you’d notice that the seven month pace of outsourcing this year (during a national recovery) is substantially higher than from 2007-2010 (during the Great Recession).   Maybe if these companies were still paying John Kasich deferred compensation or its executives were donating to the Republican Party, JobsOhio would have saved these workers jobs.

But regardless, JobsOhio isn’t working.