Though it hasn’t officially been announced yet, what appears to be a pro-Columbus school levy group has set up a website and posted a video starring Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman.

The video and the website,, both tout the Columbus Education Plan, a series of recommendations developed by a mayoral commission recently codified in House Bill 167.

ColumbusPlanThe plan calls for the creation of a new independent auditor position and requires the school board to put a levy on the ballot that will include sharing funding with charter schools.

The video and the website were both paid for by Reimagine Columbus Education.

“Columbus schools are failing our community, and this is unacceptable”, says the website’s home page. “We can change our schools and help every child by supporting the Columbus Education Plan proposal.”

The site specifically mentions the so-called “data scrubbing scandal” that helped discourage board members from pursuing a levy proposal for last year’s ballot.  The website claims those involved in the “scandal” have left the district or been reassigned, and suggests that a new, independent auditor would help “root out fraud and abuse” in the future.

The website and video both suggest the plan will fix educational inequalities related to a child’s race, family income or neighborhood.

The website also addresses one of the most contentious parts of the plan – sharing 1 mil of the 9.01 mil levy with charter schools – by stressing that only non-profit, high-performing, strategically located charters will be funded with money from the levy.   

We are further warned that Columbus schools may see “fewer teachers, staff and school activities” if the levy isn’t passed.

Here’s the video: