As JobsOhio has come under attack for awarding subsidiaries of Worthington Industries tax credits while Worthington was still paying Governor Kasich deferred compensation and its execs were making large donations to the Ohio Republican Party, the Kasich Administration defense has been that the tax credits were actually awarded by the Ohio Tax Credit Authority, an “independent” body they argue actually serves as a check on JobsOhio’s recommendations.

This has been a laughable defense, in large part, because the Ohio Tax Credit Authority is largely packed by appointees from Gov. Kasich with the two other appointees come from Republican Speaker Bill Batchelder and Republican Senate President Keith Faber.  In fact, one of Kasich’s appointees, David Goodman, is a member of Kasich’s Cabinet, who when he was Director of Commerce, apparently agreed to be used as a party in sham litigation the Kasich Administration engineered to try to get the Ohio Supreme Court to declare JobsOhio constitutional.

As further evidence of its awesome independence and oversight of JobsOhio, the Columbus Dispatch reported this morning that it turns out that the Ohio Tax Credit Authority may have erroneously stated the value of tax credits it has awarded.  Coincidentally,  one of them just happens to be one of the Worthington subsidiaries that are at the heart of the ethics issue that has erupted this month.

After Dispatch reporter questioning the Tax Credit Authority on its figures, it took them down from its website and conceded that it very well may have understated the value of the tax credits it awarded to the Worthington subsidiary.

We’re sure it’s nothing.  Just a massively huge coincidence.

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  • dmoore2222

    Ha. This is exactly how a major scandal starts out. All the parties involved can’t keep up with each others lies. They’ll start feeling the heat and turn on one another to save their own hides. Or, most likely, the big shots will offer up the underlings. That’s why Fitzgerald has to keep the pressure on over this boondoggle. Make Kasich constantly explain why secrecy surrounding deals involving huge amounts of taxpayer money are a good thing because most people instinctively believe they’re not. If I’m working for JobsOhio right now, then I gotta be thinking about a way out before someone at the top screws me.

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