There seems to be some confusion over how lawyers for Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and Ohio Governor John Kasich plan to handle the case of a same-sex couple from Cincinnati who want their out-of-state marriage recognized in Ohio.

So…. let’s clear that up here, once and for all:  DeWine and Kasich plan to do everything they can to defend Ohio’s ban on same sex marriage.

As we reported earlier, John Arthur and James Obergefell, partners for more than 20 years, were recently married Maryland.   John is dying of ALS, and his last wish is to have his husband’s name included on his death certificate.

To achieve this goal, John and Jim filed a lawsuit naming DeWine and Kasich as defendants.  The federal judge assigned to the case ruled in their favor, issuing a temporary restraining order that was supposed to expire this past Monday.

In response, DeWine vowed to “lead the fight” to defend the existing law.

The confusion about DeWine and Kasich’s positions seems to be coming from a poorly-titled BuzzFeed piece on the issue: “Ohio Attorney General Has No Plans To Appeal Temporary Restraining Order In Gay Couple’s Case”

By just reading the title, you’d think Mike DeWine was going to throw his hands up and allow the decision to stand.  But that’s completely not true.   DeWine simply said he wouldn’t bother appealing a restraining order that was going to expire in a few days anyway.

If you read the whole piece you’d discover that “DeWine will continue to defend Ohio’s constitutional amendment and law banning same-sex couples from marrying and banning the state from recognizing such marriages… as the case progresses.”

And the case IS progressing.

A review of court documents by Plunderbund shows that  a conference call was held on July 30th in which attorneys for both sides agreed to extend the temporary restraining order until August 19th, 2013 in order “to facilitate the parties’ further negotiations regarding a proposed litigation calendar for resolution of this case.”

In other words, attorneys for DeWine and Kasich plan to continue fighting against Arthur and Obergefell – they just need a little more time to work out the schedule for the fight.

Court records also indicate that attorney Lisa Talmadge Meeks will now be assisting Arthur and Overgefell.   Meeks’ bio shows that her areas of practice include Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Transgender Issues and Civil Rights, and she previously served as Chair of the Civil Rights Committee for the Cincinnati Bar Association.


  • Mark Szabo

    Maryland Joe. =p

  • Mark Schrider

    It’s long past time for the “equal protection” clause of the Constitution to actually mean equal protection under the law for all, not just a select few.

  • Brian R. Williams

    I also came here to say that they were married in Maryland.

  • Natasha

    H’mmm, do you ever wonder why the likes of Doug Priesse, Kasuck’s hand-picked Franklin County Republican leader, doesn’t dive into and get to the bottom of this Republican bigotry-agenda cesspool.

    Perhaps, Mr. DeWine can rustle up some assistance from the leadership of his beloved Catholic Church and it’s clerics and cardinals in the so-called “Gay-Mafia” that are running the show in the Vatican

    How come Republicans hate all things gay yet pander to their own gay pools and excuse gayness when it suits their purpose of denying American freedoms to everyone not just gay-Catholics and pols of the Republican bent.

    I think it’s all just more Republican hypocrisy in support of their desire to suppress American liberties for everyone but the 1% Richie-Richs they love so much.

  • dudestopher

    Yes, there is confusion. Some confusion may be the result of the
    misleading headline that YOU STILL HAVE UP stating “DeWine Appeals
    Marriage Decision.”

    He did not file an appeal, and you are still pushing misinformation. The Buzzfeed story that you cite is in response to inaccurate reports such as yours.

    Buzzfeed’s headline (in an article written by a former Ohio AG employee, by the way, who knows a thing or two) is entirely accurate.

    Yes, DeWine has vowed to fight. But he did not file an appeal. If you reported more carefully there would be less to clear up. Take some responsibility, guys.

    (Oh, and Maryland, BTW)

  • That was, in fact, an inaccurate choice of words for the feature text. Thanks for catching it.

    Please note that none of our reporting or headlines actually stated he filed an appeal.

  • Fixed. Thanks for reading!

  • dudestopher

    Thank you for fixing it.

  • lacrossemom14

    Just because the case is against both DeWine and Kasich doesn’t mean that the actions of one completely reflect the intentions of the other. The article quotes what DeWine plans to do but I was still looking for a statement from Kasich’s office. I’m not a lawyer but shouldn’t this case be against the Sate of Ohio or just the Attorney General? I would actually love someone to clarify that for me, when a legal case is vs an institution and when you can declare it against specific individuals.

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