Ohio media has referred to Kasich’s budget as containing “anti-abortion” provisions. This is true, clearly, but those are merely the tip of the misogynistic iceberg.

To help educate the public (and the press!), we’ve put together this infographic.

Ohio Budget Infographic

Most voters aren’t motivated by abortion policy. They want it legal, sure, but they aren’t going to vote simply because a politician has tried to end legal abortion in Ohio. That’s why the press is shielding Kasich by labeling sexist tax policy, anti-miscarriage and anti-pap smear provisions as “anti-abortion provisions”.

The purpose here is to have a shareable Facebook image that we can use to spread the word to our friends who don’t read Plunderbund regularly. We’ve also made an 8.5 x 11 pdf version (lo res and hi res) that can be printed and distributed at protests, rallies, picnics, football games, etc.

You can also tweet it at reporters. I’ve sourced the section of Ohio Revised Code where each of these provisions is buried, so it shouldn’t be controversial for them to cover. In a perfect world, it should be scandalous that miscarriage treatments will require a 24-hour wait and our newspapers think it would be biased to tell us.

Feel free to use these any way you’d like. If your organization wants to make some modifications, let me know (@LukeforOhio on Twitter and Facebook) and I’ll get the Illustrator files to you. If there’s demand, we can also look into some banner variations with only a couple of bullets.

The goal is for this document to be the starting point of a larger conversation about Ohio’s budget, and a call for repealing each of these provisions before the 2014 election.

Here are the links to download the pdf.

Ohio Budget Infographic

Ohio Budget Infographic Lo

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