The Kasich administration doesn’t want you to know what plans will be available on Ohio’s exchange in 2 months.

The deadline for the state to approve the plans was yesterday. The 200+ insurance plans that the state approved were forwarded on to the federal Department of Health and Human Services, who is actually running the exchange.

I’ve been anticipating the press release from Mary Taylor with the approved plans because I have a handy chart all ready for readers, and I just need the premiums.

Small problem: she doesn’t include any information in the release. Just that “average premiums” are rising 41% (which is interesting, because in June she said it was 88%) and that insurance companies’ costs are rising 83% (which actually seems like a fantastic deal for consumers).

But we can’t verify any of that without doing public records requests. That won’t stop newspapers from running her release, though. Write them a letter and demand they do their job and verify the misrepresentations that the Kasich administration is foisting on Ohio.

Then come back here tomorrow after I’ve looked at the filings.

This is pure contempt for Ohioans. Mary Taylor has no interest in running the Department of Insurance, and she has no interest in the health costs of Ohioans. She has viewed her job as one of political messaging, and it’s an embarrassment to Ohio.

It baffles me that any journalist, health insurer, provider, or potential patient could bear to spend another 4 years dealing with her lackadaisical dismissal of anything that keeps her away from her job of fundraising for the next election.

UPDATE: And, their website isn’t working correctly.