It would have been so refreshing if Liz Cheney had declared her candidacy for the U.S. Senate as an initiative that she chose on her very own against all odds. Instead, the daughter of Dick C., the pulse-less guy  who… – No!  don’t get me  started!  –   said she was responding to all of the many  people who have been urging her to save the country from the beastly socialists who operate these days under the guise of  garden  variety Democrats!

Who, after all, could turn down Rush Limbaugh, who promptly described her as a “Republican royal” and one of Dick Cheney’s “greatest contributions to the country”? Wyomingites may soon start receiving robocalls with those exact words.

For the evolving ID of this candidate, Liz just moved to the wide open spaces of Wyoming last year.  It is a state where some ranches are as twice as big as Rhode Island.  It has not gone unnoticed that she will challenge the  Republican incumbent, Mike Enzi, whose credentials  include words to the effect that he is one of the most conservative  senators in D.C.

Well,  dead-enders from the GOP’s teeming hatcheries seem to want to have a face-saving point by blaming uncountable hordes from the silent majority for their claims to political stardom.  Didn’t Rick Perry and Sarah Palin  suggest their candidacies arrived via a vision from God?  (As noted above, that would also apply to Limbaugh)

State Treasurer Josh Mandel even got into the “My friends made me do it” mode during his Custer-style  campaign against Sen. Sherrod Brown.    In a speech at the Akron Press Club in 2012,  Mandel went on and on explaining that his idea to leap into the race was merely a humble response to the repeated appeals from a wide body of wholesome friends to save America.

George W. Bush, on the other hand, took his cues from the rich oil people in Texas who guaranteed him more than few pennies if he ran for president.  But in Texas, they are the Gods.

The only possible upside of Liz Cheney as American Idol is that she might be invited to speak at the Summit County Lincoln Day Dinner, which may be held between Christmas and New Year’s Day this year.  The event has been catering to such  hard-right  GOP highlights as Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum,  Jim Jordan, Ken Mehlman and Ken Blackwell.  For her, it would be a great fit.

Get your reservations early while they last.