Shortly after winning the election in 2010, John Kasich made a couple of big promises that he still touts today as part of his “Ohio Miracle” speech:

1. he was going shrink the size of state government and

2. he was going to bring private sector jobs to Ohio.

June 2013 was the final month of the state’s fiscal year and the last month of John Kasich’s first “Jobs Budget”.   So how did the governor do toward meeting these goals now that we’ve been implementing his plans for two full years?

The just-released jobs numbers for June, as Modern reported yesterday, paint a pretty sad picture about the effectiveness of Kasich’s policies, and they don’t bode well for the next two years under Kasich’s huge new budget.

Here’s where we are now:

  • In June, Ohio ranked second-to-last in job growth, losing 12,500 jobs
  • Many of these losses came from the private sector: manufacturing lost 3,100 jobs and and construction lost 1,900 jobs
  • State government, on the other hand, actually grew by 3,400 jobs last month
  • Ohio’s unemployment rate jumped back up to 7.2% in June while, nationally, the unemployment rate dropped to the lowest level in 10 weeks
  • “The Ohio year-over-year job growth rate for June will be 0.39%, while the year over year job growth rate for the USA in June is at 1.67 percent,” George Zeller told the Plain Dealer
  • Last month, the Pew Center ranked Ohio 47th for private sector job growth over the past year
  • All this, while Kasich has increased state government spending by over twenty percent in his two budgets

So how it Kasich doing on keeping his promises?  State government spending has skyrocketed, private sector job growth has tanked.    I’d say he’s doing pretty damn poorly.