A month ago, Governor Kasich and his allies could not stop talking about the May jobs report because it showed that Ohio had the most monthly job gains in the nation.  However, we pointed out that given that Ohio lead the nation in job LOSSES as recently as March, the May jobs report should be discounted as Ohio’s economy has shown volatility that basically has equaled a zero sum gain.  For the past twelve months, Ohio’s unemployment rate has largely been unchanged as has Ohio jobs creation numbers.

Tomorrow, the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services will publicly release the June numbers, but the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics has already released most of the numbers, and they are terrible for Ohio.

While 37 states gained jobs in June, Ohio was one of twelve States that lost jobs in June.  In fact, Ohio lost 12,500 jobs last month, second only to Tennessee.  Tomorrow morning, we’ll find out if the May numbers were revised.  However, the initial May numbers suggested that 32,100 were created that month.  Now, assuming that those numbers are not revised in tomorrow’s report,  that means 39% of the jobs reportedly created in May were gone a month later.

Ohio unemployment rate also reportedly went up to 7.2%, meaning that it has only dropped .1% over the past twelve months.  Ohio’s only gained 16,000 new jobs over the past twelve months.  While that’s somewhat positive, it’s anemic job growth.  Ohio is the seventh most populated state in the nation.  Yet, it’s grown fewer jobs over the past twelve months than Idaho or Kansas.  Meanwhile, “high tax” states like California has gained over a quarter of million of new jobs over the past twelve months.  Ohio’s job creation is so anemic, the U.S. Department of Labor doesn’t even including it in its press release reviewing the States with substantial changes in their unemployment rate or job creation numbers over the past twelve months.

Governor Kasich argues that his massive tax cuts for the rich are necessary to make Ohio competitive.  And yet, his economic development agency, JobsOhio, admits that its more focused on subsidizing existing jobs in Ohio that trying to lure jobs from other States.  And States that have actually INCREASED taxes (California and Illinois) have been creating substantially more jobs over the past twelve months that Ohio has.  So we have real-time evidence that the argument that Ohio MUST cut tax to be competitive and create jobs doesn’t work.

But, who knows?  Maybe the tax reform plan the Republicans in the legislature enacted with Kasich’s signature might mean Ohio can finally compete with Idaho.

[UPDATE:]  Or maybe not.

While nationally new weekly unemployment applications fell to its lowest level in ten weeks, Ohio was in the top five States with increases in new applications.  The State with the second largest drop in applications?  California.

And as this article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer points out, Ohio’s job growth over the past twelve months is less than 24% of the national rate of growth.  Also, noteworthy, last month Ohio shed 7,100 local government jobs while employment in state government grew by 3,400.  And, hey, food service jobs are growing!


  • dmoore2222

    It’s no wonder republicans are fixated on radical anti-women legislation. They sure can’t talk about jobs. Ohioans aren’t stupid. They know when they’re well off and when they’re not. They see the decline in high-paying jobs and the growth in low-paying jobs. They know there’s been no influx of companies into Ohio that would make and big difference. Here’s what else Ohioans know: Ohio has an aging population, an ongoing exodus of young people, a broken public school funding system, crumbling infrastructure, out-of-control higher education costs, and a republican controlled government that is anti-everything. How attactive is that to companies looking to relocate? Even Sears, a debt-ladden, failing 19th century retailer, said “no thanks.” Republicans have controlled the governship for 18 of the last 22 years and the legislature for that whole period. Do you think MAYBE Ohio’s problems have something to do with that? Yet their big argument is democrats are socialists who want big government to do everything. Hmmmm. With the largest budget ever, an increase in the number of state government jobs, and the JobsOhio corporate welfare progam, who are really the socialists? Let’s just call them ORSP, the Ohio Republican Socialist Party.

  • dmoore2222

    Our enemic employment situation in Ohio is at least partly related to a govenor who can’t think straight. One of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard came from this guy, and indicates his utter disdain for public workers. He claimed that taxpayers pays twice for health care; once for their own and again for that of public workers. What fractured logic is that? So any private organization that offers health care for its employees is then guilty of the same practice since those employment costs are factored into the cost of its goods or services. I would remind him that he and his fellow republican legislators are public workers receiving blue chip health care at taxpayer expense. So if he thinks public workers are undeserving of health care, then let him pay for his own.

  • Red Rover

    Would you like fries with that, Mr. Kasich?

  • Mark Schrider

    And, as with the enabler in any abusive relationship, most of Ohio’s major news outlets are ignoring these ugly, and inconvenient, truths.

  • DavidB

    Well, let’s take a page out of Obama’s favorite book of excuses. You see that in the years between 2000 to 2010, there are several facts that the socialist liberals conveniently leave out. 421,000: Estimated number of Ohio jobs lost from when
    Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland took office in January 2007 through
    September 2010. 9,000: Number of jobs gained during Republican Gov. Bob Taft’s last term in office, from January 2003 through January 2007. 68,000: Number of Ohio jobs lost during Gov. Taft’s first term in office from January 1999 through January 2003. This is from the liberal Cleveland Plain Dealer so it must be true. If the author is going to spew crap, he could at least get his facts straight.

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