John Kasich knows he has a huge gender gap1. He’s already starting to gloss over his anti-woman budget, and the Dispatch (protecting the investment they’ve made in Kasich) will gladly help him whitewash his record.

The governor addressed the National Association of Women Business Owners, a conservative-leaning2 political group, about how awesome his budget is for women.

“We need more women involved in all of our operations,” Kasich said. So, hire them! Did you misplace the binders or something?

The Dispatch does us the favor of pointing out that only 23% of Kasich’s cabinet is female, but presents this as though it’s some accident of history rather than evidence of systematic prejudice on the part of Kasich.

The Dispatch also tried to ask the members of this (conservative-leaning) organization about the “abortion restrictions” in the budget. Look, I know it’s really hard to do research into what’s in the budget and why various people are upset about it, but “abortion restrictions” are a tiny fraction of the anti-woman budget–and labeling them as such intentionally shields Kasich from the broad swath of voters who don’t much care about abortion policy.

So, let’s make a list of the anti-woman provisions. Help me out in comments, and we’ll put together a handy one-pager to send to reporters so that they can educate themselves.

By my count, that’s 2 out of 12 anti-woman budget provisions that are “abortion restrictions”. Maybe Ohio’s women would like to hear some coverage of the other 10.


1 Modern’s coverage here is spot on, and you should definitely read it. The last Quinnipiac poll changed their partisan weight to make the results 7% less Democratic–even though the actual results were generally worse for Kasich (dropped 3 points with independents, 2 among Republicans).

At any rate, Kasich does 32 points better with men than with women. If that’s an accident of their new weighting formula, he still had a 19 point gap in April.

2 If you’re a group of female small business owners and you oppose Obamacare, you are hopelessly partisan. Obamacare gives you a 33% tax rebate on your employees’ insurance, a market to buy vastly discounted small group insurance, guaranteed maternity care, and an end to gender discrimination in premiums. This bill was designed for female small business owners.