Last week we reported that the Springboro Public School District was planning to host a series of courses on the U.S. Constitution developed by a group with ties to white supremacists, using materials developed by a couple of guys who believe the Bible should supplant US law.

On July 4th, the Dayton Daily News (DDN) reported that the class had been cancelled. The paper said registrants for the course, offered by the Institute on the Constitution, should contact Ricki Pepin at the Institute “for a refund.”

An email obtained by Plunderbund shows that Pepin has not actually cancelled the class but has instead moved it to a new day and location.

According to the email (below), Ms. Pepin will be teaching the class starting a week later once a new location is identified.   Ms. Pepin attributes the move to “a bump in the road”, which would more accurately be described as an overwhelmingly negative response from an outraged community.

Pepin’s website advertises her as a speaker focused on the “Contemporary application of Biblical Principles” through a process she labels “Educated activism”.  Her lectures aim to teach American History “from a Biblical foundation”.  She is the author of two books “The Apocalypse! Unveiling of the End Times” and “God’s Health Plan”.

While the class will no longer be held on school property, the class was originally advertised in a flyer mailed to parents and staff by Ashley McGuire, Secretary to Superintendent Todd Petrey, using her official Springboro School District email account.


From: “Ricki Pepin” <>
Date: July 4, 2013, 1:48:11 PM EDT
To: <>
Subject: New Constitution Class

Happy Independence Day!
You are receiving this e-mail if you registered to attend the Institute on the Constitution course fromJuly 9 – September 24 at Springboro High School.  I am very excited at the chance to share this wonderful information from our Founders’ actual writings with all of you!  We’ll all be learning some new and exciting information.
We have had a “bump in the road” and have to change the location and sponsorship of our class as we are unable to conduct it at Springboro High School.  We plan to keep the class on the same day and time – Tuesdays – 7:00 – 8:30 PM – but are going to move the start date back one week to July 16 to give us time to find a new location (still in theSpringboro area).
I need to ask each of you to reply to this e-mail ASAP (by Monday, July 8 PLEASE!) to verify that you still plan to attend, so as to order the proper amount of materials and keep each of you in the loop as we get the new location secured.
Ricki Pepin  : )