As we watch the reports of new outbreaks of the political wars ignited by the Republicans’ morals police over abortion and gay marriage, it seems we ought to have a new word for democracy.  I would call it deMOCKracy.  It would broadly describe a bizarre system in which people who cry out the loudest to guard their own freedoms do not hesitate to engage in stripping others of theirs.

(These folks recall  the words of a writer who once observed that the early Puritans lived in constant fear that somebody somewhere was happy.)

Demockracy is a perfect cover for the pretenses of leadership that, say, John Boehner prefers to  consider as dutiful work for the “will of the people”.

The grim speaker’s pledge to the people, of course, is absolute crap.  Not a day passes that we don’t receive word of another extreme or clandestine effort by the wingies to undermine the people’s will.  The scarier part is that so many pro-life  and anti-gay politicians have now assumed the roles of physicians while not displaying any hint of medical competence.

In Ohio, Gov. Kasich has been embraced by the Christian Coalition  and Ohio Right to Life while signing a bill to enforce strict anti-abortion procedures, including ultrasound.  No surprise, the guv will tell you, because he is a good Christian.

That the bill was smuggled into the budget measure  as an amendment without discussion  mocks the  very blessing of open government, Christian or otherwise. Taking care of business openly, we’ve discovered, is not one of the governor’s strong points.

Democracy?  Or Demockracy?

Look at what happened in North Carolina, when the sneaks ran their anti-abortion language – you may sit down, if you please – attached to a bill to ban Sharia Law.  Even GOP Gov. Pat McGrory, unlike Kasich, winced at the subterfuge, saying the state senate  was quite in a hurry to jam the bill without discussion into an anti-Sharia law.

In Texas, a Democratic State Sen. Wendy Davis stood in front of an advancing tank in the legislature to stall a controversial bill wildly supported by Gov.Rick Perry, who is known to  remember two-thirds of what he had in mind.    Perry will get help from faith-based Rick Santorum (remember him as one of the stars of the Summit County Republican Party?)  who will be spending time in the Lone Star State with the other white guys  to convert the pro-choice crowd on the road to Damascus.

We could go on. But for the time being, State Rep. Robert F. Hagan, a Democrat , is giving us a little hope by sponsoring with Rep. Mike Foley of Cleveland a bill that they call “pro-life legislation.”  They believe gun dealers ought to lay out the “lethal capabilities of firearms” – an obvious spear  aimed at the heart of the pro-lifers who warn against the lethal effects of abortion.  It makes sense to me.

Hagan, you should know, is no child hater.  He grew up in a family of 14 kids.  His father, Robert E. Hagan, was a state representative who did stand-up comedy routines in clubs in which he referred to his wife as a “Xerox machine”.   He found  humor in most of society’s awkward moments.  The droll perspective of the Hagan family is still alive. The current Bob Hagan could help all of us through the nightmarish Demockracy being fashioned by the wingies.