On Sunday evening Kasich signed a two-year budget bill that will drastically change Ohio law to include some of the most restrictive anti-abortion measures in the country.   It not only forces women to get unnecessary medical treatments, it also defunds Planned Parenthood and aims to shut down women’s health clinics around the state.

Anti-choice groups around the state cheered Kasich for signing the bill.   The news also seems to have permeated the cracks of the slime pit where some of Ohio’s most extreme bigots dwell.

I speak, of course, of Phil Burress – the anti-Gay activist and self-proclaimed former porn addict,  who today announced his support for a Kasich presidential run on a Christian news website.

“There’s no question he will be [running for President]”, said Burress.  “He’ll be a natural.”

Burress, who has made it his life’s work to fight against LGBT rights, was most recently in the news for calling Rob Portman and recommending some really good gay conversion therapy for the senator’s son.   Classy.

“Definitely he will be either the presidential pick or else a vice-presidential pick,” says Burress of Kasich.

Some predicted Kasich might try moving to the middle on social issues to help broaden support during his reelection campaign for Governor, or the “inevitable” Presidential campaign that Burress predicts.

But Kasich’s anti-woman budget bill and the recent comments from his office regarding same-sex marriage (“He opposes gay marriage and opposes… civil unions”) should help clear up any open questions in that area.

Kasich and his team have chosen their path: they will do everything they can to keep from losing the support of a core group of extreme social conservatives even if it means alienating every woman and young person in Ohio, even if it means putting the lives of Ohio’s women at risk.

Good luck with that strategy, John.

  • Matt

    I’d love to see him on the ballot for President or Vice President, just to watch Hillary send him home with his tail between his legs.

  • buckeyewill

    Kasich is a unionbuster. He will have a rough time trying to win in a national race.

  • Mark Schrider

    Our Misogynist-In-Chief, John Kasich, showed the women of Ohio where his priorities lie when he found the ownership of spider monkeys to be a more compelling issue than a woman’s access to healthcare and prenatal care. This will be remembered in the next election.

  • dmoore2222

    A well deserved endorsement. Just another nail in his coffin. I’m sure he actually thinks this is a good thing. None of these morons have any sense of how out of step they are. Oh, by the way. Where are the jobs???

  • Hanhnibal

    It might be entertaining watching the debates. Nugent, Kasuck……..

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