Since the beginning of his term as Governor, Kasich has shown a complete lack of respect for women:

  • Kasich pays his male staffers 56% more than his female staffers.
  • Kasich defended his very low number of female cabinet appointments by saying his “wife makes all the minor decisions”.
  • The few women Kasich did appoint to Cabinet positions ended up at agencies with much smaller budgets and smaller staff sizes.
  • Kasich appointed attorney Mike Gonidakis, the unqualified president of Ohio Right to Life, to the Ohio Medical Board
  • And let’s not forget that rally for Mitt Romney where Kasich thanked the wives of the candidates because they were “at home doing the laundry” and “at home taking care of the kids.”

But if there were still any questions about where Governor Kasich stands on issues important to women, yesterday’s signing of a budget bill containing some of the most extreme anti-abortion provisions in the country – all while surrounded by a bunch of old white guys – made it all-too clear.


Kasich signs his second budget surrounded by old white dudes (Photo Karen Kasler/SNB)

Compare this with Democratic Governor Ted Strickland, who strived to make diversity an important part of his administration while supporting programs and legislation that aimed to improve the lives of Ohio’s women.   Here’s a picture from his second budget signing:


Strickland signs his second budget

Big difference.

Democratic candidate for Governor Ed FitzGerald summed up Kasich’s recent failures on women’s health issues in his statement on the budget signing:

“This governor has refused over and over again to stand up for Ohio women against the escalating radical attacks on women’s health care, like the defunding of Planned Parenthood, which provides crucial and often life-saving health care like breast exams, cervical cancer screenings, and access to birth control. On top of that, Governor Kasich just enacted measures that force doctors to perform medically unnecessary procedures that interfere with the privacy between a woman and her doctor and that jeopardize women’s health. “

President Obama beat Mitt Romney with an 18 point gender gap in the 2012 presidential race, and women could very well decide Kasich’s fate in 2014.

It looks like John Kasich just got their attention.
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  • Nancy Sloneker Jackson

    Kasich is what happens when people stay home on election day! Never again!

  • jr6020

    Ed can win but will need huge support and money from the anti-SB 5 groups (namely, We Are Ohio), labor, minorities and women of course. You know Kasich will be rolling in green from the Koch Bros, the Chamber, and God knows numerous other shadowy right wing groups. But if we turn out we can do what BO did twice. Are you all in?…James, Cols

  • Mark Schrider

    Misogyny, thou art Republican. And let’s not forget the language in the budget Kasich signed into law which redefines pregnancy as beginning at conception. This will throw the legality of hormonal contraception and IUD’s into question as they prevent the implantation of the blasocyst into the uterine wall. Medically and biologically this is the correct and proper beginning of pregnancy, never mind that some 50% of fertilized eggs never implant to begin with. Facts are to the GOP what color is to the blind.

  • dman

    So the GOP plan, since the defeat of SB5, is to put most of their legislation in the huge budget bill severely reducing the chances of a rejection of the whole bill with controversial parts.

    Between gerrymandering and now this they have us over a barrel that will be hard to overcome. Even with a dem governor it will be hard to overcome the GOP super majority overriding his vetoes.

  • westparkguy

    I know Tim Keen is on the far right, who are the other lawmakers?

  • dmoore2222

    Thank you. If this doesn’t send a wake up call to the complacent democrats of 2010I don’t know what will. And this chump thinks he won that election on his own merits.

  • dmoore2222

    Gotta start somewhere. At least a governor has the bully pulpit to use against creeps like these.

  • dmoore2222

    He can’t create the jobs he promised so he’ll torment women instead. No surpirse here. This guy has never impressed me as anything other than a bloviating nitwit.

  • Think.

    In addition to imitating a Parkinson’s patient, crying, and calling the people of California “whackadoodles,” Johnny saluted Mrs. Kasich, describing her as his “hot wife,” during his first state of the state address. We should all feel pity for this poor woman, but even more for for every woman of child-bearing age in Ohio.

  • Vyacheslav Linev

    Completely OPPOSITE!

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