Governor John Kasich just signed the next two year budget in typical Kasich fashion: he showed up late, signed the document and then left without taking any questions from the press.

The budget increases sales and property taxes on Ohioans, continues cuts to the Local Government Fund that impact public safety in Ohio,  continues cuts to education, introduces some of the most extreme, anti-women abortion restrictions in the nation all while increasing state General Revenue Fund (GRF) spending by over $11 Billion compared to Governor Strickland’s last budget.

As we’ve discussed before, here are the GRF numbers from the most recent four biennium budgets:

Strickland First Budget (Actual) :     54.81 Billion
Strickland Second Budget (Actual) :   50.75 Billion
Kasich First Budget (Actual) :         54.05 Billion
Kasich Second Budget  :     62 Billion+


It’s also worth mentioning that Strickland’s second budget was actually$1.2 Billion less than his predecessor’s second budget; Republican Governor Taft’s last budget was $51.2 billion vs Strickland’s $50.75 billion.

Also worth mentioning: the budget Kasich actually proposed included $63.2 Billion in GRF spending – over a billion dollars more than the one the GOP-controlled General Assembly sent to Kasich to sign tonight.

In short:  Kasich is spending over $10 Billion more over his first term than Strickland did, all while RAISING the sales tax, RAISING property taxes, CUTTING school funding and CUTTING funding for police and fire.

In Republican circles, this is what they call “tax and spend”.


p.s. Here’s the list of stuff Kasich vetoed in the budget.


  • Bob M

    If Strickland had raised (or allowed to be raised) sale tax the tGOP would be out in force to pillory him….why are they so quiet now?

  • jr6020

    Funny how the CD will ignore this huge increase in the state budget. You know, the same paper that blasts BO over the size of the federal budget…

  • Retrofuturistic

    I guess it’s going to cost a lot to vaginally probe every woman of child-bearing age in the state…. (Didn’t the Christian GOP say they wanted to cut spending?)

  • Clecinosu


  • dmoore2222

    Don’t ya just love these “small government” GOPers. It’s big government when hungry little kids are getting some kind of assistance. But it’s small government (government “at the speed of business” ,in other words, how fast can I give out taxpayer money), when corperate Ohio is getting handouts. As if the fiscal part of the budget wasn’t bad enough, Kasich just signed his political obiturary with these extreme abortion restrictions. The girls pretty much decided the last presidential election and now they’ll have an encore for the Ohio gubenatorial election. Can’t this guy read?

  • davescottsc

    My reaction is complicated by a belief that the state should be spending far more on its citizens’ welfare than it currently does. But your point about the small government lie is well taken. And increasing sales taxes to cut income tax rates amounts amounts to classic Robin Hood in reverse tax policy.

  • dman

    Is someone going to write an article here about where the increased spending is going?

  • Think.

    Kasich and his accomplices in the legislature have no scruples about robbing Peter to pay Paul.

  • BigFlamingLib

    Can’t wait to vote these f&#%ers out!!

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