Showing just how much they LOVE transparency, Senate Republicans chose to block broadcasts of budget conference committee hearings last week.   A spokesman for Senate President Faber “did not list any specific concerns” that were being addressed by killing the broadcasts.

So while Republican legislators hashed out their plan to increase taxes on the poor and elderly, cameras in the hearing room were physically covered with bags.

Because… Transparency!


  • dmoore2222

    Well, Ohio’s republican voters are getting exactly what they deserve. Unless and until they cross party lines to vote these dunces out, there’ll be more of the same because they’ve carved out their safe districts.

  • jr6020

    Alas, sadly, they will…

  • carrieee4

    It is just scary where this slippery slope of not allowing transparency will and can lead us. I understand that you need secrecy when it comes to national safety but this is not national safety. When it comes to state objectives such as bills, laws, and the funding and use of state monies there should be transparency so that there is a check and balance for all things so not one ideological group or other cannot force things onto the states constituents that do not want as a group at large. Or am I wrong and this is not scary and no group would take over and do things not wanted or needed. …………………………………………………nope not wrong.

  • Think.

    The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) teaches its legislative members that they are immune from “Freedom of Information Laws.”

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