From the daily archives: Monday, June 24, 2013

Over the protests of farmers, retirees, and even right-wing economists, Gov. Kasich wants to raise the sales tax, CAT tax, and property tax to finance cuts to high-end income taxes. It’s an article of faith on the Right that this will make us more like fast-growing states, and the Dispatch dutifully parrots the talking point that raising income taxes is “harmful to growth”.

This seems counterintuitive for anybody with a memory longer than a decade. Ohio’s relative GDP growth before the 2005 tax cuts was 43rd in the nation; since the tax cuts, it’s been 48th in […]

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Over the course of the budget debate, Governor Kasich and his conservative allies have gone through countless revisions of his “tax reform” plan claiming each succeeding version was more pro-business and more “job creator-y” then the last.

The only problem is that the conservative Tax Foundation, whom the tax reform proposal was intended to be geared to, keeps raining on the parade.  When the Senate enacted its version, the Tax Foundation couldn’t contain its disappointment in a conservative one-party government so fumbling conservative tax reform so poorly:

This is bad policy, and many supporters are errantly pushing it […]

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Showing just how much they LOVE transparency, Senate Republicans chose to block broadcasts of budget conference committee hearings last week.   A spokesman for Senate President Faber “did not list any specific concerns” that were being addressed by killing the broadcasts.

So while Republican legislators hashed out their plan to increase taxes on the poor and elderly, cameras in the hearing room were physically covered with bags.

Because… Transparency!


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About a month ago, Joe wrote this lede in describing JobsOhio’s first quarterly report this year:

Imagine if you had a multimillion dollar empire with no accountability or transparency except once a quarter you had to issue a public report in which you graded yourself on metrics you got to choose and nobody outside of your organization had any way to independently verify.  Now, imagine you still had to go out there and basically give yourself a D and admit that you’re doing much worse today than you were most of last year.  Congratulations, now you know what […]

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