Earlier this week the Dayton Daily News reported that Ohio recently saw its population of young adults rise by 2% after seeing a severe drop in that age group (ages 20 to 34) over the previous two decades.   The paper reasoned that an improving economy might  be helping to reverse “the much-dreaded brain drain.”

John Kasich’s campaign jumped at the news, sending out a fundraising email (see below) claiming responsibility for the reversing trend and citing a completely unrelated and totally subjective ranking given by CEO Magazine as proof.

One fact you won’t read in the Kasich/Taylor email:  the trend actually starting in July, 2010 – six months before Kasich took office and nearly a year before Kasich’s first budget was passed.   And the measurements were taken from July 2010 to July 2012.

If you want to tie this trend to anyone’s policies, it would have to be Governor Strickland.  Yet Kasich’s campaign tries to pin the positives on the current governor while selectively excluding evidence to the contrary.

oh… and that economic recovery that DDN credits for the turn around?  It actually began under Governor Strickland, a year before Kasich even took office.

One of the most important factors in increasing the number of young adults in Ohio is keeping recent college grads in the state.

Governor Strickland and Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner made higher education a priority, keeping tuition rates low and funding levels high, while ensuring students would receive the documentation necessary to vote at the schools where they lived.

Since taking office, Kasich, SOS Jon Husted, and Ohio’s Republican legislators have worked to reverse those trends, cutting funding for higher ed and trying to strip away voting rights from college students who are attending school from out-of-state.

And yesterday, the GOP-led legislature announced a plan that would raise sales and property taxes – another disincentive to young adults wishing to settle down and make Ohio their home.

We’re happy to finally see more young adults moving to and staying in Ohio.  Sadly, Ohio’s Republicans think they can take credit for the trend while doing everything in their power to reverse it.


Here’s the email: