From the daily archives: Friday, June 21, 2013

Earlier this week the Dayton Daily News reported that Ohio recently saw its population of young adults rise by 2% after seeing a severe drop in that age group (ages 20 to 34) over the previous two decades.   The paper reasoned that an improving economy might  be helping to reverse “the much-dreaded brain drain.”

John Kasich’s campaign jumped at the news, sending out a fundraising email (see below) claiming responsibility for the reversing trend and citing a completely unrelated and totally subjective ranking given by CEO Magazine as proof.

One fact you won’t read in the Kasich/Taylor email: […]

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John Kasich has a new Jindal-Lite plan to raise taxes on Ohioans, and the legislature has 1 week to mull it over.

The conference committee for the Ohio budget has reported out a plan with completely different tax provisions than either chamber. It dramatically raises sales taxes and property taxes to finance a tax cut for business investors and an income tax cut for the rich, with a number of other brand new changes.

Whose taxes are going up?

Pays sales tax Doesn’t pay sales tax Ohioans who buy things Non-Ohioans People with no […]

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