It’s been 853 days since Governor Kasich signed legislation into law creating his secretive economic development corporation.  It’s been 507 days since the Ohio Controlling Board approved the contract between JobsOhio and the Ohio Development Services Agencies giving JobsOhio legal authority to offer loans and grants as incentives for economic development.  At the same time, it also approved the contract covering the securitization of the State’s liquor profits to JobsOhio giving it a massive income stream to provide funds to make those loans and grants.

It’s been 139 days since JobsOhio said it completed the liquor profits transfer so it could make loans and grants for economic development.  In the nearly five months since then, how much of that money has JobsOhio said it has spent?

“We have not used any of those funds yet. … We are not going to put these funds to work until we have all our systems, processes, procedures and everything done. We’ve got to get all of that in place. It would be foolish to go out and make a loan if you didn’t have the ability to service it.” – JobsOhio President (and major campaign donor) John Minor (Columbus Business First (June 19, 2013)).

853 days since Gov. Kasich signed JobsOhio into law, and it says it still cannot do the very thing it was designed to do.  507 days since the Kasich Administration got the Controlling Board to give JobsOhio the legal authority to make loans and grants, and it still lacks the ability to physically service those loans.  It’s been five months since JobsOhio completed a deal it admits is giving it $120 million a year in revenue to make loans and grants… and it reportedly hasn’t tapped into a penny of it because it hasn’t made arrangements to service loans.  Did JobsOhio not see this coming?  What the hell has JobsOhio been doing all this time?

Or is it possible that JobsOhio consciously made the decision not to “spend” the money from the liquor transfer as a legal strategy to further frustrate the State Auditor’s audit of JobsOhio?  Or is this an attempt to create a cover story to explain away what could be another disappointing quarterly report (2013 2Q) that should come out next month?  Any of these would seem to be obviously lines of inquiry the media should make of John Minor, who, frankly, should be fired if JobsOhio truly wasn’t prepared to handle this money by now.

ForgotHowToBird But, well, at least JobsOhio is on the case, right?  I mean they know when they’re going to have the staffing necessary to service loans, right?

Minor said there is no time line for filling all the staff positions.

And keep in mind, this is the corporation that is getting BILLIONS in revenues from the State over the next twenty-five years, and it is substantially more than the $120 million a year figure that has been widely cited by JobsOhio.  Like $3.7 billion more over 25 years more, which means JobsOhio is getting more than twice the reported $120 million.  And thanks to the Republican legislature’s recent efforts, all that money will be exempt from public audit as it is spent by a corporation that has already proven to be grossly incompetent.


Ohio is 47th in private job creation over the past twelve months and John Kasich’s flagship program, which was signed into law nearly three years ago, still cannot do its most basic functions yet.

Is this what Governor Kasich meant by “moving at the speed of business”?

  • Think.

    “JobsOhio is the organization that is going to move at the speed of business, move at the speed of what is needed to be a job creator.” (John Kasich, 2011)

    When this governor, who seems to enjoy vehicular analogies, created JobsOhio, he also said, “If you think that I’m going in the wrong direction, stop me. I don’t want to drive over a cliff. I just want to be a good governor.”

    Put the brakes on his political career in 2014!

  • bronncohowie

    This slush fund will be used to finance GOBP/teabagger candidates in 2014 and King Kasich SECOND run for the Presidency in 2016. Wake up Ohioans, vote Democratic to stop this THIEVERY !

  • Telchar Bladesmith

    Could also be because they really ARE afraid that the lawsuit Victoria has pending in the Ohio Supreme Court about the constitutionality of this ALEC/Koch/Wall St. spawned corporate ATM machine will fatally torpedo the RobsOhio Pirate Ship before it leaves the harbor with it’s cargo hold laden with taxpayer “PLUNDER”. <-pun humorously intended 😉

  • dmoore2222

    A classic example of a bad idea snowballing into an unmanageable beast. If Kasich had no idea what was going on at Lehman Bros. then can we trust him with billions of dollars and no accountability mechanism? Does he really think nobody is watching? I suppose it would be different if Ohio was booming with new and growing companies with good paying jobs. In that event most people wouldn’t give a hoot with those kind of results. But that’s not the case. All indications are Ohio’s economy has plateaued after what was just a longer than normal national recovery. So you’re smart to hammer away at this. As people continue to feel the results of state funding cuts, along with the federal sequester, they’re going to wonder why all of that money is not producing good jobs while roads and bridges are crumbling, fire and police services are diminished, and school districts are putting up a record nimber of levies. Fitzgerald needs to make JobsOhio a signature campaign issue. The more Kasich has to explain this the stupider and more inept he’s going to look. And there’s always thepotential for another “get on the bus or else moment”.

  • Stephen Beard

    Yet another reminder that “private companies” are not the paragons of virtue and good deeds as believed by “conservatives.” Wish I’d had just a small (even tiny) slice of that $120 MM Jobs Ohio stands to collect annually when I started my Ohio business in 2003. I expect I’d still be in business if that were the case. “Robs Ohio” is as disrespectful as one can expect from a lib’rul website, but it is way too accurate.

  • modernesquire

    Um, thanks?

  • dmoore2222

    How this guy gets to trash every safequard put in place over many years, and for good reason, to prevent misuse of public funds is beyond imagination. Are Ohioans that despereate that they think this kind of arrangement won’t end up a major scandal? I guess so. This looks a lot like the democratic party voter apathy that lead to this chump getting elected in the first place. The State House lawn should be as full with this issue as it was over SB5. This is worrisome. Fitzgerald needs to probe this relentlessly. Like they say, “follow the money.”

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