From the daily archives: Thursday, June 20, 2013

In a country where more and more people are living in poverty, why is the GOP branding itself as the party that hates the poor?

Increasingly threatened by demographic changes, since November the GOP has sought to make inroads among Latinos while not losing more ground with America’s women. But their latest move will merely reinforce that they stand for punitive policies that target exactly these demographic groups, as they represent a significant segment of the growing population that is poor.

Today, Republicans in Congress failed to provide enough votes to pass a Farm Bill. House members surprised […]

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It’s been 853 days since Governor Kasich signed legislation into law creating his secretive economic development corporation.  It’s been 507 days since the Ohio Controlling Board approved the contract between JobsOhio and the Ohio Development Services Agencies giving JobsOhio legal authority to offer loans and grants as incentives for economic development.  At the same time, it also approved the contract covering the securitization of the State’s liquor profits to JobsOhio giving it a massive income stream to provide funds to make those loans and grants.

It’s been 139 days since JobsOhio said it completed the liquor profits transfer so it […]

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When I arrived in Ohio from Indiana a long time ago to work on the Columbus Citizen (now no more than a memory) the second thing I learned was that OSU not only referred to Ohio State University but also Ohio’s Sacrosanct University.  That was after I first learned how  difficult it would be to fit some sort of pre-made cover over the big picture window facing the street from our most modest rental home.

As a  graduate of the University of Illinois, another Big 10 school, I had taken no more then a casual interest in the Illini’s football team. […]

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